Siege Green - Manufacturing and Ship Blueprint Updates

Greetings Capsuleers,

A year ago we made a Significant Update to Industry, where many higher end ships saw new materials added to their build components. These materials helped to create additional value for various activities in New Eden and gave us the ability to more finely tune manufacturing costs when necessary. Since that time we’ve been continuously monitoring how the ecosystem has adjusted and, with this update, we’re tuning the build material costs of these ships to bring them down after a period of elevated prices.

The goals of these changes are:

  • Reduce low level PI demand
  • Reduce Faction and Pirate ship manufacturing costs
  • Greatly reduce Dreadnaught manufacturing costs
  • Reduce other capital and supercapital ship manufacturing costs
  • Reduce logistics requirements for capital and supercapital ships

Please see the spreadsheet we provided with the full list of blueprint material and component changes, as there are way too many of them for me to try listing in this forum post.

Update: Added a new version at 15:26, fixed a few incorrect names in the spreadsheet.

The SDE has also been updated so you can view the changes there as well (Hi Steve).

This post is a call for feedback! The numbers in this spreadsheet are a starting point and are not final - changes will be made over the next couple weeks as we head towards release based on the feedback you provide. Please let us know your thoughts on the values here, how you think they will impact your manufacturing costs and what could be shifted to bring ships in line with your price expectations.


Link to the spreadsheet is dead

EDIT: Works now, thanks Aurora :slight_smile:

Working on getting a fixed url! Give me just a few minutes.

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It worked for me

No rebalance for JF blueprints?

EDIT: Never mind, I didn’t see that the JFs are listed on Subcapital tab…


grumble grumble grumble. (on it :smiley: )


Blame me, I had all Indy ships in that tab then decided to move the capitals but only did this to the Rorqual in the end. :facepalm:


Spreadsheet now working and with thanks.

Also for feedback purpose:
Playing since 2004 neverstopped playing indy and that applies even to when we had to mine in BS back in the days.
Was able to by my self pop out from mining to full fit T2 near 10 dreads a week and the only time i literally gave up on indy was after the indy thrown into trash can update CCP made.

Yet will give it a look and i hope the new prod chain is reasonnable, cause nothing is more enjoyable then a counter dreadbomb.

Thx mate for fast update of the link :wink:

Ps: It’s not a sand box anymore but it’s the game that fits the best my gameplay style, plus 15+ year of CCP shenanigans gets you used to it.


This post proves that there are stil some humans in CCP :stuck_out_tongue:


Cries in Vehement

WTB current TQ values next to the proposed changes.


Interesting levels of component reductions there. Good to see that capital production should finally become viable again.

Could you please make these spreadsheets available on Office Online or Google Sheets? This would make so much easier to share this information and check it without having to download a humongous file first.

Would have also been nice if you had included the old values so that one can actually compare the changes in the file.



Time to invest in Fortizars and Tataras

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Half of the ZIrnitra changes aren’t documented? Changes to Capital Ultratidal Entropic Mounting, Capital Radiation Conversion Unit, Capital Absorption Thruster Array?

Please Please reduce component size and market tax on the sale of components&reactions so we can have more movement of those instead of the cumbersome 1000 alts vertical integration of production.

Also, the Trigger Neurolink Conduits price should maybe be also cut in half? still feels like bpc’s will be worthless with 1B+ in just materials for build a battleship, feels like too much.

Love the direction : )


These changes are a step in the right direction for sure, My question is though, Can we do something about the FTL’s? They are so exepsnive

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Update: 15:26

Uploaded a new version of the spreadsheet to fix a couple of incorrect names.


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Can you please remove the pirate BPC drop rate increase from Phoebe? The pirate ships were available but not oppressively numerous when the BPC cost, not industry costs, was the major driving factor.


I can see some very nice explosions coming that way!
Very good idea!

I can’t tell you how happy I am with these changes, if I see you at Vegas again this year I’m giving you a big sloppy kiss. (more likely a hug haha)