Raitaru economics for solo player

I’m a solo player. Has anyone else figured out the economics of running a manufacturing module in a Raitaru? I’m calculating 250k per hour which would severly eat into my profits, even when manufacturing several items at once.

I’m planning on anchoring in low sec and I don’t think I can count on revenue from making it public, renting corp offices, etc.

Well there’s your problem.

While there is satisfaction to be had from doing it yourself, you’ll find better ISK-per-hour if you use a publicly accessible Raitaru and pay whatever miniscule fees the owner asks of you.

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Thanks for the tough love. That’s what the math says but I was hoping maybe someone had a success story to snap me out of it.

Solo is great though, not ready to deal with knuckleheads over comms on a regular basis any time soon


The hard part is finding people that aren’t knuckleheads.


I know a couple of people as solo players who run even several Raitarus very profitable. What you need are alts, not other players.

Even with 250k/hour cost just producing something like Crusaders, 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II or Small Focused Beam Laser II with their ~450,000 ISK/hour income should more than cover your fuel cost.

I run a Raitaru in highsec. My business is T2 modules & Drones and capital BPC kits. With 3 service modules your fuel bill will be close to 400 million/month but it only takes a few days to earn that.

As @Rivr_Luzade pointed out - you need a number of ALTS to scale up to that level of production. My Raitaru is private - shared with a real life relative and close friends.

Economically, it would be cheaper to rent in a public structure, I tried that, but the 3rd time it ran out of fuel I decided to build my own. No regrets.


We have 7 Raitaru in hisec (6 for manufacturing, one for ME / TE / copy).

Unless you have a fair amount of alts, and are constantly manufacturing, solo ownership of even a single Raitaru isn’t practical.

There is also the issue with system indicies. It is advantageous to be able to move to lower index systems whenever necessary.


Thanks guys - This was great info

As said before as a casual manufacturer not often utilizing all 10+10 lines on one char (like me) you are better using public facilities. So far I had to move a couple of times due to wardecs/cease of business, but never was forced to go back to NPC station, and actually lost stuff only once (not much).

The index is another issue, which bothers me right now where I’m doing most of stuff (the system has a bad multiplier) …

… if anyone wants to share their private highsec EC, 3-4 jumps out of Jita, ME/TE rigged for equipment with me, please drop me a mail.

I would also add that in any security system for no apparent reason your Raitaru may just come under attack. With that they may look to extort protection funds from you or if you can’t pay just pop your cit.

Staying in an NPC corp and working out of public places is by far the safest route. Once you venture out and start your own corp you can be dec’d and any assets in space become fair game to your aggressors. Small is often left alone though once you stick that Raitaru in space people start looking.

I speak from experience. The only upside for me is that I was able to work with one of the groups and setup a regular payment for protection services and it paid for itself often.


Agreed, you need to look into having more members in your corporation or some sort of chain in supply, EVE rewards teamwork.

Arthus Musk

100% possible and profitable. Maybe you should look at your items. Fuel cost is not issue if you are building the right items and have enough skills to run a sufficient number of lines.
Also good planning is a must. The less tedious the better and more enjoyable the experience.

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You should think of ships and structures as consumables and build the cost of replacing them into your business plan. My business depends on the fact that stuff blows up in Eve - otherwise no one would need to buy the things I make! Occasionally my stuff is going to blow up as well - that’s the nature of a PVP game. The question isn’t how much it costs to replace it but how much did it earn before it exploded. My Raitaru paid for itself during its first month of operation and has been earning me several billion ISK/month ever since. If I lose it - no big deal, I simply build another one - or maybe I already have …

You have a large scale operation then, if the ME/TE and tax savings of one month pay for a fully equipped Raitaru.

You are correct. The month I built the Raitaru was quite profitable but it wasn’t 3 billion (including fuel) more profitable than if I continued using a rental facility - assuming the rental facility didn’t run out of fuel!

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