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Is there an industry calculator where I can calculate costs for building a ‘group’ of blueprints with certain rigs ?

For example - I want to build a Thanatos- I have the component list. Do I need to go on a site (Fuzzworks does this bit great) and calculate cost per component or can I do Thanatos and split individual parts out to say I’m building them too and add costs ?

EvE-costs did this quiet well but don’t think it includes engineering complex updates and rigs now. I’m going to end up on a spreadsheet soon :confused:

Thanks all for reading. o/ does the component split like EVE-Cost automatically if you check a box. Unfortunately, it also does not have Engineering Complexes as far as I can tell. You can kind of emulate ECs by changing the ME modifier values of null sec outposts to a specific number (which I unfortunately don’t remember) to get an approximation to EC values. - can do the component split, too, and you can set the material efficiency to emulate EC if you know their values. The problem it has is that EVE-Central is dead and this page pulls prices from EC. However, at the bottom it calculates the fees and you find a material list that you can put into EVEpraisal or something. It’s not ideal but at least something.

On a side note: It’s a real shame that EVE-Cost died. In my opinion, it was by far the best tool for casual to semi-serious production. :tired_face:

Did you try hitting the M next to the component name on my site? :smiley:

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Hey Steve/Legend/Wonderful Fuzz God,

Yes - from what I saw it drops the component below but I had to re enter … I stopped typing, checked and realise again how dumb I am.

My bad - everyone !

Steve - where does the adjusted price for the minerals come from ? Any chance for me to Force it to Jita buy ?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my initial dumb question !

The adjusted prices are the ones from CCP which are used to calculate the build costs. Not what ‘you’ are ‘charged’ for the minerals.

The prices for everything else come from the Forge, at the price of an unit if you bought the lowest 5% of the market.

There are a few tools out there being created by 3rd party developers and I’d love to be able to program and write code but it is not my forte. JSON, ESI are not my strong points and while reading through the articles they are very powerful to the people with the skills.

A better solution I would like to see from CCP is tools which are easily accessible to the player base for pulling data into Google sheets / Excel for running industry. Maybe it could be worked along the lines of a simple front end via account/api management where you could select a system and some items from which the likes of market data could be pulled. The information could be an XML import or text?

A limit could be introduced if needed to stop spamming the servers for updated prices. What do people think good idea?

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