Old player back after a few years - mfg/science website suggestions needed

I would love to get your thoughts on the best industry reference and build cost sites. I’ve been doing a lot of searching but I have been out of it for a while.

Please let me know what sites you use to manage/monitor building costs. Much appreciated.

Fuzzwork is web based, ISK per Hour is a stand alone program.

Both are excellent and I use them both.
Here is a current list.


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You know…This EvE University has done much for the player base I have noticed. I played alot of EvE awhile back when they were not around, and have been on and off EvE the past 2 years and what I’m seeing is a strong positive influence for the better benefit of the game as well as the community of players. I know this is totally off topic but wanted to commend the efforts done by them here. Thank you for the link Scarlett.

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call me old-fashioned, but I use https://eve-industry.org/calc/ for it’s build your own components checkbox and streamlined interface. Then use Eve Marketer to double check if supply and demand at the shown prices are stable.

Fuzzwork can do it too, but I like the interface of eve-industry.org better.

PS: You must be a true veteran if you were playing before Eve Uni was around - it was founded in 2004…


Also you can have a look at mine https://khon.space/blueprint/

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