Capital Construction Calculation tool V1

Hello everyone.

A couple of days ago i decided to start building a spread sheet to aid with capital construction for myself, after having a look around I did find that there were some tools online that aided with this, however I still decided i would release mine, and as i work on it add things in that make it better or more useful. So here it is:

Capital Construction Calculation tool.

This tool is designed to help a industrialist know what he needs to mine to build a specific capital. It displays basic information like what components you need, how many of the components and the raw materials to build the required amount of components, but it also helps you to calculate how much of each resource you have left to mine before you can finish the build.

Key Features:

:star: Calculate how much of a resource you have left to mine.
:star: See how many components are required to build a capital, and the resources for them components.
:star: Easy to use and fast
:star: Portable, save on a Mobile device to use on the go!


How to:

:asterisk: Click the link and download the Zip Folder, Save to your drive.
:asterisk: Extract the Zip Folder to your Documents drive.
:asterisk: Open the extraction folder and run the “Capital Construction Calculator V1”
:asterisk: Use to your hearts content! Its that easy!

Download Link

Please give me feedback if you have used it. I will focus on updating it as fast as I can.

Update: 03/03/2019 - Added more features and security!

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Well, i am now in a specific project of create two thanatos with materials of high sec (long story) and already make a similar page. My totals are not the same (diff research BPC i assume), but the page is overcomplicated. You can put in a same page all the carriers or all the dresdnoughts, or the eight in the same (use diff background colors).

Yeah i havn’t quite come up with a way of changing it for research changes yet.

How is it over complicated? You just type the amount of materials you have and it calculates how much you have left to get of that type. The reason i havn’t put them all in one page is to make it smaller and mean you can just navigate to the specific type that you want.

You will want to use ceiling( (1 - 0.01 * ME-level)(1 - 0.01 * citadel bonus)(1 - 0.01 * citadel rig bonus) ), both for the minerals required per component and for the number of components.

Yeah something i will implement soon :slight_smile:

Looks good.

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