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Maybe asking the impossible but

Im trying to work out the most efficient way to mine the roids that i need minerals for

Is there such a programme that tells you the precise amounts of ore required if the minerals are
inputted for e.g.

If i entered 54m trit, 6.6m pyerite, 1.2m mex, 500k isogen etc etc.

The programme would tell me that the optimal ores i need to mine would be for e.g. 1000 spod, 500 bistot, 199, arkonor etc etc ??


It is quite simple, each batch of 100 units of the ore (or 1 Compressed) yield Specific amounts of minerals, for example a Batch of Spodumain (as per ‘Show Info’) will yield:

Tritanium (56000 Units)
Pyerite (12050 Units)
Mexallon (2100 Units)
Isogen (450 Units)

So with this information you just need to factor in your Repocessing Yield, lets say it is 85%, then you just multiply the yield by 0.85 and you will know how much you will receive per batch:

Tritanium (47600 Units)
Pyerite (10242 Units)
Mexallon (1785 Units)
Isogen (382 Units)

So now that you know how much you get per batch of Spodumain you can easily calculate how much of it you need to mine by: ‘Minerals needed’ / ‘Minerals from reprocessing’ = ‘number of batches’ * 100 = units of Spodumain you need to mine to achieve your required minerals.

As a source to figure out which ores to mine to get specific minerals, you can use this 3rd party website here

I don’t think that the response above is hitting what the OP was asking for. I have a spreadsheet that utilizes a google sheet add-on called Linear Optimization. You tell the config sheet what you need and what each ore gives you it then can calculate the best way to get to the required materials. There is some tweaking you need to do in order to get the minimal waste product but I have been working on this sheet for a few days and I am happy with the outcome.

I will help you create your own sheet if this is what you are referring to in your post. I have it so you can choose a ship (Capital or T1) and that references my database on build materials, sums it all up after calculating the ME level on the BP’s and dumps the required totals of minerals. You then go to the calculations page (Linear Optimization) and it will then tell you how many units of compressed ores you need to reach your goal.

If this is something you are after I will help create it with you from the information I have forged together on my sheet. I would just give you mine but it is not the most user friendly and may layouts are often disliked :slight_smile:


Hey. Yes that is exactly what i’m looking for and a bonus that it covers Capital construction and differing ME levels.

I hope you can get in touch


Try this from the same site mentioned by ISD Sakimura but it actually does what you were asking.
Combine it with and you’re good to go…

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I tested the fuzzwork site by asking for 100000 Trit and it came back suggesting i mine crokite??? Not sure that right LOL and the google spreadsheet wants me to request permissions…

PJHustle knows what i need by the looks of his answer

Gives you the cheapest compressed ores to get the best refine for your target minerals

you can adjust the fuzzwork calculator by changing how much extra you want. It will then default to “better value” ores.

As for the spreadsheet. If you want to contact me in game I will give you a direct link to the one i use. No permissions needed.

wrote for myself
allows not only set minerals but also choose items to build and select allowed for using ores

does calculate the best ore to buy? Eg: compressed Veldspar vs Compressed Arkonor because it’s cheaper to buy the velspar?

It optimizes result by the lowest cost (At least I think it so)


Thanks for a great tool.

Is this instruction correct? 6- Paste into E3 on this page
I think it should be "Past into E2 on this page.

There was a program called mining_optimizer that i used in the past. It does what you need dude


Thanks for the pointer to this tool. Very powerful. Did you right it?

Please confirm one thing…on the “Output M3” tab is the value in Column A the amount of Column B required to satisfy the requested amount of minerals?

Eg. I ran for 350M Tritanium…Column A is 1,018,593 and Column B is Compressed Dense Veldspar.

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