Why wernt Fighters converted in the last patch?


Why weren’t fighters that were loaded into structures NOT converted to the new standup versions during the update?

It’s left a lot of peoples citadels etc without fighter cover until they had brought new bpo’s, shipped them to a factory, spent a day or two converting them, that doesnt cover the time to convert the full stock pile just one flight or one type

Also why does building T2 standup fighters require a T2 version of a carrier fighter? this seems against how T2 production works ie take a T1 item, add some parts and minerals cook at 250c for a few hours and you have the T2 version of the item, not the T2 version of a different class of item

So what gives ccp?

i think both ways are ok
1st: T1 fighter + stuff = T1 standup fighter
2nd: T1 fighter + more expensive stuff = standup T2 fighter or T2 fighter + less expensive stuff = T2 standup fighter

why is the T2 + + less expesive stuff way ok now?
i guess there are some structures with T2 fighters arround
so if you take the T1 + expensive stuff way the T1 fighter price would go up and the T2 fighter price would crash because only carriers are able to use and i guess its a less big market
so you just take the T2s and build standup T2s

something else is why it was not possible to get the BPOs 2 weeks befor the change to build the new fighters
like with the change of the mining stuff … you could get the bpos befor for the charges
on day 1 all was done and build and could be used …


CCP seems more than happy to disrupt the game from time to time - shake things up a bit. Moon mining is an excellent example - the blueprints for refineries were not available prior to the patch. The game ran on stockpiles for a week or two while they were built.

The fighter changes are the same, it creates a window of vulnerability and some citadels may die as a result. More conflict drivers and destruction is generally considered a good thing in Eve!

The old Fighter never protected a Citadel. Every Citadel that dies these days would die with or without fighters.