How CCP makes us hate the game

Every citadel owner in eve has a problem after todays patch: No fighter defense.

You need new fighters, and therefor you need new bpo/bpc to build them and that takes a) time to GET, as it only got released today and B) time to BUILD it.

In the meantime, rampaging hordes of players reinforce any citadel they can find, because OFCOURSE they now can attack the not so good defended citadels right after downtime, instead of giving ANYONE TIME to resetup their stuff.

Not that those fighters were very usefull to begin with, but at least they could chase and hold down small ships, better than the big guns could.

I have one question @ CCP : Why did you not follow the normal procedure seeding the bpos needed weeks before, so everyone has time to build it first ?


Except fighters on citadels pre-patch were so ineffective that it scarcely matters, you don’t actually know anything about citadel offense/defense, and you’ve basically constructed a whine thread whole-cloth out of what you imagine to be the case.

I doubt there’s a single player who has ever incorporated “Does it have fighters?” into their decision-making process for whether or not they should reinforce a cit.

The fantasy you’ve laid out for us doesn’t even make sense. If someone wants to go tap a citadel right after downtime, they’re doing it because it’s probably going to be entirely undefended… including nobody in the gunner’s seat, which would be required to use fighters anyway.


If Low, Citadel owners expect regular reinforcement and will defend later timers.
If Null, Roamers get dropped by supercap fleets for 5 cruisers roaming.
If High, wardecs are needed.
If WH, you can’t rampage because of needing to roll holes.

So please actually provide some real examples about this.

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Sorry can someone explain what this is about?
My fighters seem fine?

New Standup Fighters, exclusive for use in Upwell Structures, have been introduced. They include variants of every fighter currently used by capsuleers, including the Shadow.

  • Standard fighters can no longer be used in Upwell Structures. Any standard fighters that are loaded into Upwell Structures can be removed, but cannot be launched or re-loaded
  • Building Standup fighters will require a standard fighter plus some additional input equal to approximately 25% more material value.
  • Standup fighter blueprints will be available on the market from any Upwell Consortium member station
  • The Standup Shadow heavy fighter BPC is available from Sansha’s Nation loyalty point stores. Building Standup Shadows requires a standard Shadow as an input material.
  • Standup Fighters will not require any capsuleer skills to operate, and do not receive any bonuses from pilot skills. However, their base stats result in massive bonuses to dps, hitpoints, speed, and sensor strength.
  • Fighters deployed from an Upwell Structure will now auto-return when the controller character drops control of the structure. This will stop them from being abandoned and lost.
  • Fighters bay volumes have been increased significantly on all Upwell Structures

Damn. You killed all the fun :disappointed_relieved:

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“How OP makes us hate click-bait topic title makers”


Hi there,

Sorry that you’ve been inconvenienced by this change. I’ve touched on this elsewhere but just to be clear: Seeding new BPOs in advance has never been standard procedure. Aside for one or two rare exceptions, new BPOs are always released on patch day.


Seriously, you know hatters gotta hate.

The hatter is not amused.

(Gadget is, though, and I’m just pickin’)

–Gadget likes hats :tophat::womans_hat:

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