Bought EVE For Citadels, But They Are UGLY!

Ok I’m new but I heard all about this game EVE that you could build and manage Space Stations or Fortresses in Space, and I wanted to see what the hype was all about, it got me curious and excited, and when I saw what the hype was about…my excitement went out the window.

EVE Artists… You can’t make a better looking fortress/Citadel than that? The Only one I seen that looked descent to the eyes was the latest model. As a professional artist myself, I can say, EVE devs need to employ better artists. Some of the ships are hideous, like wasted my time clicking the preview ugly.

There are 2 Citadels that are “ok” lowercase ok. But I came here for the soul purpose of building a Corp, building and managing a Citadel. Perhaps I was too haste to pay for a yrs time of Omega, cuz If I had seen the Citadels first I would have uninstalled my game.


So you’re saying you paid for the game …
… because of a tiny aspect, Citadels …
… and didn’t inform yourself first …
… and worse, didn’t try to get some insights for free, as Alpha?

And that’s anyone’s but your own fault … (?)
… and you are telling us why ?


Who said I was talking to you, the players? I was making this message for EVE devs specifically.

Two outa three isnt so bad,
Only one passable for me is fortizar…medium and XL are right click send to trash bin grade…
but than again dif ppl dif taste.

You posted it in general discussion…so…you said you were talking to the general EvE players by your own actions.

and you paid for a year sub without even looking at the game? Yeah, that’s 100% on you.

I predict you gonna have a bad time. Bye in advance.


Can I have your stuff?


If you decided to play this for the Structures then you are going to be very disappointed with them in terms of gameplay. However I rather like the way they look, in fact I think they did an excellent job on them.


as an artist yourself did you not look at youtube?

something tells me this post is not authentic tbvh…


Then don’t post it on the forums where the massive majority of people that WILL answer your little princess topic are players. Period.

Anyway, instead of degrading the talent of other artist (while being one yourself. Which I doubt.), maybe show us what you would like to see as citadels instead of crying like a little princess ?
And if you think that EVE Online’s ships are ugly, well tough one big boy : the New Eden cluster is in perpetual war. The ships aren’t designed in times of peace like our real world ones, they aren’t designed to be beautiful. They are designed to achieve a purpose, and to do it greatly. Second period.


As a professional mechanic myself, I can say, EVE devs need to employ better mechanics. Some of the afterburners could gain an extra 500BHP if serviced, like wasted my time firing it up.

Just sayin’


OP is right you know.


As we’ve been saying in Rookie channel, where the OP is being a massive drama queen all the time (full name caps is already a good indication of this): Stop angling for attention.


Right ? You can’t really be right on something that concern JUST the outer aspects of something, either citadels or ships. It’s all tastes and colors in the end, so it’s up to everyone to make their opinions, and I agree with this.

However, when you just come up out of the blue and straight up say a team of professional artists and designers did a trash job WITHOUT giving the least of informations on where they failed, if they ever did, it’s plain stupid and just being mean to be mean. There’s nothing constructive in that.

OP claims to be an “artist”, so good luck with that.

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If only there was some kind of resource with an easily searchable interface, that could provide you with visual representations of in game assets, so you could make an informed decision whether to buy a years game subscription or not. Especially if you are the type of person who’s entire enthusiasm for a game is based on your particular liking of just a tiny proportion of the games art assets.

Maybe you should have googled it before buying, rather than making yourself look like a total whiny baby on the forum.

Also, please link your professional art so we can critique it.

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I bet he draws my little pony fanart on and occasionally gets paid like $5 for a commission art piece. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Joke’s on you, if you want to talk to devs, better try Reddit. :smiley:

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Hey, five dollars is great !

It is the price of a cheap coffee, it’s always great in the morning :3

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Please repost on Reddit so that I can down vote you.

I can’t remember the last time the GD forums made me laugh this hard. My sides are starting to hurt. Sincerely OP, thank you. Your year’s subscription has definitely given me enjoyment.

If you’re looking for some kind of constructive answer… try tide pods. I hear they help solve problems like yours.