Fighter launch tubes on T2 BB hull?

So are we going to ever see the launch tube mechanic on a T2 Battleship hull? I think It would add a vital role in EVEs current meta, that role being a light carrier. With large class citadels in Highsec being able to field fighters with no 1=1 counter, bashing those structures becomes a very large mountain to tackle even with a large fleet.
Carriers as well are extremely powerful against subcapital fleets for the same reason, no subcapital ship is optimized for fighter engagement.
Couldn’t they add the space superiority fighters to a new class of battleship to help introduce this very jarring mechanic? Maybe give it max 2 tubes. Put it in line with carriers and make them large hull boosters


Fighters are for carriers. If you want to fly a Battleship but pretend it is a carrier, fly a Gallente drone boat.


So thats the end all be all, caps are caps fly them or get wiped? T2 battleship hulls are hard to train and expensive as hell. Why not give 1 new class the ability to fight caps, at least try to bridge the gap and give some kind of balance between the 2. Fighters are for carriers, yes, however they make carriers extremely broken because the only counter is another carrier.

When the current fighter mechanic was introduced, CCP talked about the possibility of using the same mechanic for drones - hopefully that happens at some point in the future but, there are higher priority issues that need to be dealt with first.

Light carriers are a recurring theme but they represent power creep which is not good for the game. If subcaps need better tools to deal with fighters then it makes more sense (to me) to adapt some less popular hulls to the area defense role. The goal is to achieve balance without power creep.

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Which, according to you, are ?
Just asking that because the “there’s better things to work on” is a recurring answer that bring absolutely nothing to the discussion (at least from my point of view). So yeah, what is currently more important for you ?

No, because if it’s mechanics, well it looks like CCP is currently busy introducing new Triglavian ships instead of fixing their game.

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I’d rather a t2 bs get XL non HAW weapons. They don’t need to be stronger at fighting subcaps which is what fighters will do. Also it’s cheaper to buy and field a carrier than a t2 bs, so it wouldn’t matter.

If they wanted subcaps to be good they don’t even have to buff them. Just cut the t2 parts costs drastically so they can actually be fielded.

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I would also like to see a T2 BS which can field XL weapons (non HAW)

Like a Talos or any racial variant perhaps.

That said I could see a niche roll for a BS able to field fighters - perhaps as a T3BS subsystem ability.

There are lot of interesting ideas being kicked around, some better than others - that said adding any new ship unless blatantly generic is a huge ordeal balance wise :slight_smile:

Eve is designed to be a PVP sandbox but the statistics don’t reflect that. The last time population figures were published, roughly 70% lived in highsec, 15% in sovereign null and 5% each for NPC null, wormhole and lowsec. Like it or not, highsec pays the bills at CCP.

Highsec is also the funnel that brings new players to the game and, of the 10K or so that try the game each week - relatively few stay. The big fights, that earn mainstream media attention, use an 18 year old codebase designed for single core Pentium 4 processors.

The development teams have a lot of work to do, and they are doing it. I’d like to see the next couple of years focused on renovation - not expansion. Update existing content, remove old stuff that serves no useful purpose, build a solid foundation.

That said, I believe the short session PVE content provided by the Abyss is a step in the right direction and the tools being developed there will find their way into other PVE content - think procedurally generated anomalies with weather, random effects and more intelligent AI - farmers will hate it!


You realise that PvP and Combat mean 2 different things right? :stuck_out_tongue:

PvP just means that your activity competes with other players doing the same activity, it doesn’t by default mean shooting people in the face, so the statistics, when looked at properly, DO reflect that


While I agree with you, the game is advertised with the big guns shooting at someone’s face, and that someone often showed as an enemy or concurring player. PVP come in multiple forms, but I have yet to see a trailer showing us in detail market PVP, for example.

I do enjoy abyssal PVE as a wormholer, because since it’s introduction I now always have something to do when no moons belts are there or anomalies haven’t respawned. I’d love to fight rats with a better AI, similar to Sleepers’ AI because that would finally end the over dominance of drone boats in PVE, and give us more exotic fits while not flooding everyone’s pocket with easy ISK (it’s funny to see people on the Goons’ Discord being salty about the anomaly respawn rate nerf) !

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I’d be happy to have a BS with launch tubes, but I think CCP is far more concerned that they will shadow the triglavian ships, fly trigs maggots!

Perhaps later. :slight_smile:

65-man cruiser/below fleet respectfully disagrees with you as they jump into Akora and pound a hel into the dirt notwithstanding fax support for the carrier.

Kill report here

Can’t imagine that fleet topped 20K DPS unless everyone was max skills/min/maxed fit - single fax well supported should have kept that up :s

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I was there, that thing melted.

Betting he wishes he didn’t astronautics rig is now hah.

That’s a ratting carrier not a true combat cap. Of course it melted. If it had any tank on it, then you would have had a fight, he might not have one, but a fight none the less.

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Id like a frigate to be able to fire a doomsday weapon. Its a one-shot weapon that burns out after one use, but it would allow a small group of frigs to destroy a capital ship.


I’d like a frigate that could covert cloak and fit Torpedo launchers, a small group of them could possibly take out a battleship. A bunch of them could probably take out capitals. Let’s give them an aoe secondary weapon too that they have to align and aim to use.

Your reply makes it sound as if there is already a frigate that can mount a doomsday weapon.

I was making fun of your sarcasm. Ships that fit guns above their size already exist. I mean if you weren’t being sarcastic I take it back?