T2 Battleship with anti capital capability

Just a concept idea that i want to trow out and see can it stick around.
I used another game specific ship game mechanic as well as borrow slightly from CCP own drifter battleship concept.

In first pic you can see a combat space ship of certain game top down and see its missile tubes in eve terms that would be high slots 8 slots with 6 missile/turret hard points L size,ships DPS curve would be at the bottom of their racial battleship lineup but since there are T2 ships they would have tracking / missile application bonuses.

Tanking ability and mobility unspecified didn’t dive that deep into it whatever is seen fit i guess.

In second pic same ship with frontal view that exposes ships trinity cannon a rapid firing heavy hitter that launches 3 salvos of pain with a huge re firing time in eve terms that is a XL SINGLE mounted ARTY/CRUISE/RAIL/BEAM turret that fire three salvos in three seconds with 60sec ROF before it can shoot again.

Bonus to XL long range DMG and tracking NOT XL short range OR haw
Penalty for XL long range ROF NOT XL short range OR haw.

4 RF Gyro Siege Nag dishes 40k alpha 4RF Gyro arty nag dishes 90k alpha

Basically around 8-10 of these are needed to produce drifter super weapon damage so in my mind they do about 80k dmg in those 3 sec before 60 sec rof too much too little i haz no clue

Role disruption of enemy capital logistic chain with firepowah,blapin solo poorly fit capitals when in large enough numbers forcing sub capital escorts giving a lil guy a big epeni…stick.

Ship should be poor solution for ratting l4 and such due to XL gun not being able to truck sub caps and even if you get lucky with a blap on a BS rat every 5 min or so it wont compensate for ship mediocre L DPS output.

If we want this monstrosity in High to help clean some structures up(i do) than XL gun usable if we dont…then we dont.

Discuss,pace your self just an idea.

It’s a vaygr battlecruiser!!!

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Never heard of it

buff carriers to be nearer supers (not close to just nearer) ie increase damage. reduce jump range. basically make them more suitable for support roles in supercap fleets, give them some logi capability.

Add assault ship, which would basically be the same as carriers now but tanks would be closer to battleship, let them be jump capable with far range but ■■■■ fatigue. id say make them faster than carriers but my nid is faster than most battleships… which is just silly but meh.

As for dreads well… we have the leshak; and a t2 version may come of that. I am tbvh uncertain as to the real purpose of dreads; being a firm believer that static emplacements are often useless since the Maginot line failed so spectacularly.

Its hard to say where the design for triage and seige came from, its a somewhat outdated design even by real life standards and i would be happier if dreads did not got a rep bonus but could be repped… as it would all make much more sense in my head. With the changes to ecm i also see no reason why they shouldn’t be at least a little susceptible to ecm either.

In short though leshaks.

perhaps that is what is needed a glass cannon type of seige ship that can recieve reps and be jammed?

First off, +1 for referencing one of the coolest hull designs I’ve ever seen in SciFi. #HomeworldForever

I like the concept behind your idea overall: you have a specific role in mind for a T2 ship, it’s a role that isn’t played by other ships, and it’s utility is somewhat limited outside of its intended role. But I feel like it has a two really huge shortcomings:

  1. It’s a T2 battleship, which means that the hull will likely cost a billion-ish ISK, and will be largely un-insurable. Your vision is to have 8-10 of these disrupt capital logistics or catch solo caps and blap them. Okay, tell me why I wouldn’t just use an 8-10 ship dread bomb instead? Same-ish cost, better insurance (even after the nerf), more utility, and better strategic mobility (jump drive). It needs something that a dread bomb can’t replicate.

  2. These ships would radically alter the balance of hisec structure fights unless this super-weapon was disabled in hisec. To me, artificial limitations like that are generally signs of poor design (I let CCP slide with limits to AoE stuff in Empire space, but that’s about it).

I’m not gonna give you a -1. Your role seems sound, but I think it’s just your implementation that’s lacking. Keep at it.

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It’s from homeworld 2 space game


Thx for input,not checking or purchasing t2 BS hulls recently I easily overlooked the state of these hulls on market and big farma influx of pirate hulls.

Ironically reason I had were price compared to caps lol,non siege operation and as option for BS class to reach to caps and punch above their class while retaining battleship characteristic.

Everyone want’s rapid lights,heavy and torps but BS are shafted from both sides.

I left mobility(warp and or impulse) and t2 tanks out of equation those can be used as means to augment their evasion and sustain against dreads but as long as CCP dont acknowledge and act upon t2BS vs t1Cap price I won’t build upon this idea further.
If you have any ideas please share.

I agree, while I can see downfalls radically is good sounding to me compared to current state.:upside_down_face:

Leshaks nuff said

Yep turning buffer tank to 11 and damage to 12 and slapping ample drones,neuts,bombs and reps to it proves to be working…who would a think that.

Would hate to see them as only option partly due to rumors of a shield ships also existing and being seen in a wild out there.

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