The addition of a subcap escort carrier

My suggestion is as follows, the addition of a large class hull capable of mounting Light Fighters, not to the same degree as a capital class carrier. an escort carrier would feature launch tubes for 1 or 2 squadrons and hanger space for 1 or 2 squadrons. i believe balance wise it should not have the ability to operate support fighters, leaving that role for the empire carriers. i believe this would be a valuable addition to the game as it would start a path for the carrier and super carrier that starts at a subcap level, allowing more players to experience this type of gameplay and as a slightly earlier introduction and skill training for the capital and super hulls.

As long as it’s not allowed in high sec, go for it…

I recall making this suggestion about 15 years ago. Squadrons weren’t a thing back then, so the idea was to limit the escort carrier to 5 fighters. No jump drive, but can jump normally through gates instead.

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Why not? Fighters can be used in Highsec…so?

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Fighters are used with carriers, and carriers are not allowed in high sec. Subcap ships use drones, and we already have plenty of subcap drone carriers…

There’s also already a relatively direct path from sub-caps to carriers, particularly with Gallente:

Vexor/Ishtar → Myrmidon → Dominix → Thanatos → Nyx

Especially since quite a few of the drone skills also apply to fighters, so if trained early they are still beneficial later. There aren’t a huge amount of capital specific skills needed to fly a carrier so there isn’t really a huge amount of room or need for another step in-between.

Yeah those really op support fighters can’t have those allowed.

There really isn’t a need for escort carriers. The standard carriers fill that role just fine.

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