I’m going off of how the USA navy looked at ships in WW2. A USA carriers was equal to a japan super battle ship that’s what they thought. I have looked a base Carrier is equal damage to a Marauder with the agility to get out easier but losing your fighters. my recommendation is to make carriers tech 2 battle ships maybe lower the damage but give them command bounces as carriers were supposed to be.
thank you for your time
Rex Hendrickson

There’s been calls for an “escort carrier” for a long time that would be a battleship that could use 5 fighters and be active in highsec.

All that comes down to is, does ccp want fighters in highsec? The answer seems to be no.

Not going to lie, a type of escort carrier, a Tech II Battleship dedicated to fighters as its primary weapon system, sounds like fun admittedly. A beefed up Dominix for all 4 Empire ships seemingly. And one that is not as costly as the carriers already in use.

But on the other hand… it all comes down to what niche or function can it fill within a PvP setting that is not already covered by other Battleships or even the Carriers themselves. And at this point after 20 years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to add more ships that are not redundant in function. I am actually surprised they managed to even squeeze in these new pirate ships with the Havoc expansion.

Tbh, not every ship class needs to have a unique place in eve. We have 4 empires, each with their own versions a combat play style. We even have multiple combat frigates from the same faction that more or less fill a similar role. It’s ok to have some redundancy for flavor’s sake.

The real issue is just balancing the ship and making sure you’re not breaking things you weren’t intending to break.

It’s been a while since I’ve had any experience with fighters. Can they still follow targets through warp and attack them on the other side while the carrier is still in the original position? Can carriers still assist fleet members off grid?

If the answers to those questions are yes, I can see why CCP wouldn’t want them in highsec.

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