Highsec carrier gameplay

I’m recently return eve online player.
I was wondering if there is any plan to introduce carrier/fighter gameplay to highsec content?
I was thinking about a new class of ship… escort carrier with like 1.5k dps fighters tops.
Make it’s tank similar to battleship?

What do you all think? Viable? Good Idea?

no ! CCP dont bring caps back into HS !

maybe just use a drone boat like domi or rattlesnake ?

why not use a bs ? oO

bad idea !

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Not capital…
Small carrier for highsec… maybe call it escort carrier?
Domi/Rattle is not full drone boat. They have turret/missile too.
Beside, fighter gameplay is different then normal drone boat… need more imput from player… unlike afk ratting in drone boat.

I think the current carrier can have around 1.8k dps. Even marauders outclass it in dps.
The best drone boat in highsec now is orca that can reach a potential 1.2k… but orca is capital… slow, warp slow… and align even slower…
That is why no capital carrier for hs… just normal battleship version carrier for highsec… How about 1.2k dps instead of 1.5k. Not too much right?
Need a reason to learn new skills

we dont need any “carrier” in HS !
and a domi is a pure drone boat ! the ship boni are all about drones and the turrets are only the secondary weapon !
a rattle … yes its not a pure drone boat but you can fly it as a pure drone boat !

then fly carriers with fighters but not in HS ! you can fly it everywhere you want

doesnt change the fact its a bad idea !

Not everyone like to play in lowsec/null.
What is wrong about giving highsec pilot a new gameplay in carrier?
How about 1k dps then?
Anyway, rattlesnake max drone dps is around 800. His missile potential damage is higher.

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then stay in HS and accept the cosequenzes you got !

that you want a capital in HS and dont want to call it capital !

dps doesnt matter … we have ships with 2,5k dps in HS flying L4´s … and they are also to much ! marauders are to stong ! and your “carrier light” is not needed ! espeacely if you want this only for PvE ! eve is not a PvE game its a PvP game ! and PvP dont need such thing … they can fly carrier

its about 50/50 and what is wrong with 800 dps ? oO

Nothing wrong with 800 dps. Just stating the fact rattlesnake is a hybrid ship. Not drone ship.
Still… it is a good ship.

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ok ! and now say us why its an improvement to eve if CCP yould add your “light carrier” and where is the big difference to the “normal” carrier ?

Can be fly in highsec.

thats not an improvement … you just want to add somethig because YOU WANT IT ! its a capital in HS becasue you want carrier alowed in HS …

What is wrong with that?
I’m sure there are others who would love this as well.
Btw, did you know that marauders actually out dps carrier?
So, what is so wrong about introducing fighter gameplay for highsec?
Will bring new elements for highsec.
New is good.

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everything ! you want caps in HS and thats stupid !

i know there are a few ppl in this forum which likes such selfish and non improvement ideas !

yes and did you read what i wrote about them ?

why do you need this ? what is the improvement of this ? i only see your next thread " mimimi the rats kill all my fighters and they are expensive → make fighters for free"

and why this elements improve HS ? i´m not against new stuff ! i´m against stupid ideas which are only brought because of selfish motivations ! if you can argue why we need such stuff then maybe i will agree ! but at first you need to start arguing and not stupidly bring a little post with " add this because i want it "

tell this to the edencom shipline !
tell this to the triglavian shipline !
tell this all all the small corps they need to handle marauders as their oponents !

new does not mean its better … its just said its NEW ! it need to be developed and implementet in a good state before you can say its good !

How many times i need explain? Not capital, just a battleship or even battlecruiser tank is good enough. Just wanted fighter gameplay for highsec.

Ideas are just that… ideas. This is a discussion. Give your input on how to improve this idea then instead of just keeping the status quo and making things stagnant.

Then introduce the idea of removing marauder from highsec and introducing a lower dps fighter ship for highsec. Good compromise? Now this is ideas discussion all about. Introduce your own idea instead of shutting everyone down and making eve stagnant.

The way you talk is more akin towards trolling and trying to pick a fight. Troll all you want if that is your way.

Go right ahead. Introduce the idea of making marauder only for low/null.

I agree with you on the edencom/triglavian shipline… but i understand they need new stuff for old pilot to train towards.
Perhaps fighter for highsec pilot can do that too. Just an idea.
You are right, new doesn’t always means it’s better… but no idea is worst.

and how should any subcap be able to fit fighters ?
your idea is inconsistent because you didnt bring anything !

why i dont bring anything ? because there is nothing to bring … you can profe me wrong and show me valid arguments !

ive said in a few threads that marauders are way to strong and bastion module need to be nerfed with their RoF !

but this does not make your idea better … and you didnt even bring a valid idea you just said " gimme the good stuff "

asking whats the improvement is trolling ? xD wow … you realy want only dude in your threads which approves your wish !

like i said … ive write a lot of posts where i said marauders are to strong and disallow them in HS doesnt fix a problem ! still your idea of another idea is inconsistent !

ok … the first time you agree !

no they dont … but they still bring new stuff ! look at the last new ships ! 2 pirat destroyer ! 2 pirat battlecruiser ! 1 pirat titan !
and i´m sure more pirate destroyer and battlecruiser are follow !

and its less surprising that they are all implementet as PvP ships and not as PvE ships !
your idea bases on " i want another PvE experiance so bring it because i say so "

and how does fighters should fit in a subcap ? 1 fighter is 1000 m³ ! and you need 9 of them to have a fighter squad …

wow … second time you agree !

but ideas like yours are just bad ! put in a little work and come up with real arguments as to why this is THIS what Eve needs

then we can have a discussion about your “work” and not about the little post of you where you said " i want it "

What is the benefit of adding said ship?

Aside from caps, what capabilities would this ship have thst would make someone want to use it say over a marauder or some other ship?

Benefit of fighters in h.s ?

make only 2-3 figher per squad with max 2 squad?
carrier have 3 squad while super have 5.
There is ways to make it viable for highsec.

Not asking for it to be in capital hull. Maybe make it in battleship or even battlecruiser hull tank.

Introducing fighter gameplay for highsec?
This will be great elements for highsec player to train into and explore doing content in highsec… like lvl 4, incursion, and even events. There is many new opportunity it brings just like fighter for super carrier when it was first introduce.

Cost preferably lower than marauder cause it will be much lower in dps… probably around 1.2k tops with super bling. 1k in t2 mods?
The difference compare to marauders is that it can apply damage to smaller ship size better but have less dps and tank compare to marauders.
Bring a lot of pvp pros/cons in highsec. PVE is just a new type of drone gameplay that need player input instead of afk ratting? Just like how they first introduce fighter to low/null sec to encourage more player input instead of just afk ratting.

New skills like escort carrier to train into? or maybe can just use exisiting carrier skills for it.

We do already have numerous large drone boats (battleships), so these are sort of like escort carriers.

ok an example ! 1 complete squad dragonfly II in an unfittet thani hull does 533 DPS !
now you want only 3 fighters then you have 177,66 DPS ! lets round it → 178 dps ! now lets add a second fighte squad then you have 356 dps !
and with 2 drone damage amps T2 you only have round about 500 dps ! and a ship with 500 dps is nothing you want !

a thanni with 3 fighter squads and 2x T2 DDA has about 2356 DPS
thanni has a 5% fighter damage bonus per ship skill and i assume this for your new hull aswell to have an easier calculation base

you want less fighter squads ? make sense → agree
you want less fighter per squad ? make sense → agree
does it make sense at all ? no → this ship will not have any DPS to be equal to any other ship …

and this does not fix the “problem” with the 1000 m³ fighters … you will have at least 6000 m³ fighters in your bay and i assume you want something between 3-5 complete fighter sets ? now you need a hull with 18000 m³ - 30000 m³ fighter hangar

so you need a shipsize way above battleship …

yes there are but is it good to go such ways ?

to be honest … HS carebears dont “TRAIN” stuff … they use stuff because its ciable to fly ! and atm its not viable to fly with its 500 dps …

and why is it better to have your new ship then all the other ships we already have ? only to have a ship with fighters ? oO doesnt make sense at all !

yes, fighters have a lot of oportunitys !

DPS should never an indicator of the ship cost ! NEVER EVER ! otherwise we would see many catalyst with a price explosion … xD
btw … you can have a blaster rokh with 3 mag stabs wich does about 1150 dps with void and costs about 400m+
then you can have a blaster naga with 3 mag stabs wich does about 1400 dps with void and costs about 150m … and now you can ask yourself why is the naga way cheaper then the rok but have that much more dps then the rokh … SPOILER → its not the ship price …

i can hit with my kronos every frigate that it pops with 1 shot at PvE ! ( elite frigats sometimes 2 shots )
your argument that it can apply his 500 dps better then marauder is wrong. its the fit which say how your ship aplied to the other ships or rats

no … fighters never have pro´s in PvP ! if you bring a solo carrier youre fighter just get killed or jammed ! so now your useless … carrier are only good in a big mass fight or solo PvE !
this shows me you never has sitting in a carrier or supercarrier and your argument is invalid !

the only good thing i see for a fighter ship is, that you cant do it afk ! but thats not you can be proud of because an ishtar does more dps then your light carrier and will never be used !

and instead of carrier we have now ishtars … less income and way less risk if you got catched ! and with an 100 mn AB you are pretty safe to solo or small scale without webs and with “slow” ships

the same skills as for carrier but dont call it capitals ? sorry but your idea is still complete invalid and inconsistent !

Combat and Combat Support Capitals are not necessary or in any way beneficial to high sec. If you don’t want to leave high sec to use and experience them, then you have no right to expect to see or use them.+

People already complain about Marauders being too oppressive in events, L4s and all incursions (to an extend). CoCas will not ever make it so that “new” or “inexperienced” players will ever benefit from CoCas in high sec in any of these situations.

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