Carriers too stronk! WAAAAAH!

I watched for years as forum whine first destroyed battleships, and then moved on to capships. “WAAAAH! WAAAAH! Capships too stronk! Muh nano-gang can’t kill capship fleet! NERF!” I always figured these people envisioned themselves as Luke Skywalker in an X-Wing going against the Death Star.

And the carrier hate in particular was over the top. I tried to tell people that no carrier pilot fears a roaming battleship, or even a roaming caphip for that matter. But you want to see every capship in system insta-dock? Let them see a Sabre on dscan, or a T3 cruiser, or any number of other frigs or cruisers I could name. Of course nobody listened, just as they won’t now. People always believe exactly what they want to believe, nothing more nothing less.

So I recently found a botter I wanted to take out. I watched him, studied him. Has fleets of Ishtars running nullsec anoms constantly,. Must make multi-billions a day. So I maneuvered a carrier into position over some days time. Was risky, moving this thing. But without risk, there is no reward, and nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

I have high carrier skills. Maxed fighter skills and fighers II’s. Not to mention omnidirectional tracking link II’s, drone damage amp II’s etc. So I warped on grid, and there he was, ratting in an afk-Ishtar. I launched fighters and on the first pass fired all heavy weapons on the fighters. I orbited him and kept pounding, and every time the heavy weapons cycled I’d fire them again.

Maybe once I got most of the shield off before it just repaired back to full health again. I had to settle for destroying his drones and calling it a day. My friend watching said “This thing is what I’ve been training for all this time? A Carrier?” I said “Yup.” He said “Why shouldn’t I just switch to training for an Ishtar?” I just shrugged and said “You should.”

So yeah, let’s have some more carrier hate. Come on, let’s hear it. I’m all ears.


I watched for minutes as forum whine first destroyed my eyes, and then moved on to my soul.

As I do not yet have the skills to fly a Cap of any kind, am sh1t at all PvP and have absolutely no relevant information to hand to back up anything I say I feel 100% confident in adding my thoughts to this.

This is wrong. Fact!
Probably. I mean, it’s a fkn Carrier. A CARRIER! It is, in my mind at least, meant to be a fkn beast. You get a Frigate - no matter whether T1 or 3, and yes it can do a lot but it should still only ever be “just a frig”. I thought things were scaled and if that were true then it would be reasonable to expect “some good frigates decently fitted with good pilots” to take down a battlecruiser piloted by a good pilot too - teamwork over size and whatnot; scaling up you could reasonably expect a few cruisers with good pilots to easily wipe out a battleship for the same reason.
With this in mind how the actual fk can a Carrier not just stomp on a cruiser? Ok, it is a T2 cruiser and it is a droneboat and it can be fitted to have awesome reps etc etc etc - yes I know.
So what?
No matter how good it is, it is still JUST a Cruiser not being made a pathetic & sad floating wreck by a Capital-class ship in mere seconds!

To make something very clear here - I do not in ANY way think that any sort of nerf to the Ishtar is the answer. It isn’t. What IS the right thing to do (only imo ofc and who dafuq am I etc) is to make ships what they are meant to be - in this case make the Carrier the beast it should be. If it takes that long to train into why is it not smashing the sh1t out of stuff like a single Ishtar?

Who here remembers the Protoss Carrier in the original Starcraft/Broodwars? It was a carrier and as such the game went like this: Cool, I’m Protoss this time >>> make Carriers >>>> I win.

Bc Carrier.


“Carrier has arrived.”


Who rats in carriers?!? Grow a pair and bust out your battleship!

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My issue with capital ships is the jump drive simply because it allows them to “cover” dozens of systems at once where as a battleship has to take gates, and now that caps can take gates i dont see why they should keep jump drives.

And you complain about what exactly? That you forgot to fit heavy neuts on your carrier to shut down his AB and resists? That you didn’t bring a webbing fighter or webbing companion?


I would never publicly admit something like this. You bring a capital ship to kill a cruiser? The OP makes it sound like the cruiser was a threat to his carrier, which it was not. The OP was just unable to apply damage. Welcome to Eve. Try using a Titan next time.



Totally lame troll thread, try hard, but fail, comes off as a whine.

.0003 of 10

I brought a heavy neut, but it was a waste because I couldn’t really get close enough to use it. Also, some of us don’t have companions, unfortunately, and have to play the game solo. Ever considered that? I asked the one pseudo-companion (COUGH) I have that might have been available to come along and apply webs and a scrambler or something, but he chickened out.

That sucks for you. You tried to go 1v1 against some guy in a much smaller ship, didn’t bring a web or a scram, and then you weren’t able to apply damage? This is unheard of!


Glad you agree my friend! Shows just how fracking STRONK these carriers are!

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And, learn to read. My damage applied. The thing could out-repair anything I threw at it. I was on-grid for maybe 10 minutes, even pulled fighters, reloaded heavy weapons, and re-deployed.

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I was going to make a joke, but then I realized that you might not know how to play Eve . . . good luck figuring it out.


If there’s one thing to bling on carriers it’s the DDAs…

One of the major reasons folks afk in overpropped Ishtars (the artists formerly known as 100mn VNI) is they’re hard to hit being all speedtanky.

Couple webbers in your fighters and the result might have been different. If he’s afk kill his drones first with light fighters then two webbers and 3 heavies on his Ishtar…

Great! So… what, exactly, is your purpose here? You just enjoy cruising posts and making wisecracks and insults wherever you can? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging. Do whatever makes you happy. I just find the behavior fascinating.

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if ill be bored enough then ill shoot down ishtar for you in thanatos

Isn’t this entire thread a joke? Starting from the title?

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Thanks for the advice. I did kill his drones (his bot just kindly deployed more for me to kill :slight_smile: ). However, I don’t have skills for webbing or other fighters. And I don’t have a supercarrier, thus no heavy fighters. But will use your advice for future reference.

But still! Capships so OP, right? Especially carriers! MORE NERFS PLEASE!

how yo wanted shoot down speedtank ishtar without webbing drones?
EDIT.: Just… put here your fit and drones you used

How do you think? With MASSIVELY OP CARRIER!