My eve frustrations

So i wanted to do a small rant about what frustrates me in EVE. I still like the game, and no im not quiting so you cant have my stuff :).

As a new player you pick this faction you like. i picked amarr. In a game of spacebattles why would u wanna shoot anything els then lazors right? But i can imagin others might go Gal cause they like that mega hull or what not, its exciting.

Then you get to 0.0 and find out you can toss that all out of the window. Ships are so badly ballanced that you get this doctorine ship to spam and abuse. And if your lucky it will nulify all your training up until now. cause said ship does not use lazors. or whatever you trained for.

Fruther more…all those sexy ships you might have fell in love with? toss them out too. your just flying quik ships now. probably cruiser or dessy. No BS, no BC. and sure has hell no lazors. (prob).

Well and if you wanna rat better get those drone skills up too and buy a vni.

Thing is, the game “where you can do everything” is so badly balanced that it shoehorns you into flying ships you might realy dont wanna fly…

/rant off


Well established doctrines have well established strengths, but they also have well established weaknesses and limitations. There’s plenty of room for versatility and non-standard doctrines, you just need to find yourself a community of knowledgeable, experienced, and flexible EVE players who are smart and open enough to consider non-cookie cutter options (or at least create their own) and not just copy the popular trend of the week.

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You can still decide if you want to down the route of training for doctrines and VNIs. (Good Drones skills benefit nearly every bigger hull btw.)

But if you don’t like the current nullsec, consider lowsec or wormhole space. It’s much more common for people there to use Batteships, for example. Fleets tend to be smaller as well - tidi happens not that often.


PvP meta changes every so often 2bh other than that it is about coming up with counters.
If the enemy is short ranged kite him to death
If they are long ranged get in their face scram and web them down etc

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Try not being an F1 0.0 Monkey (no shame on that playstyle if you like it), it just seems like you don’t like it. Go do something else, solo roam, find a small corp in lowsec, etc. Get into small gang type stuff instead of big fleet battles and a larger selection of ships you choose becomes available.

Wait till you figur out after 10 hours of grinding and you made 500 mil, jou could just spend 5$ and buy your 500mil.


As a sightly different view, it’s not the game that is shoehorning you into specific ships, that’s what your Alliance is doing.

There are really good reasons to have doctrines and set fits in Corporations and Alliances, but just as there are numerous corps/alliances to join, there are numerous doctrines, because the balance in the game is actually pretty good.

If you want to fly Amarr, then it might also be worth looking at CVA, as they are an Amarr loyalist alliance (but also have non-Amarrian doctrines like a Cerb fleet).

However, in general there are a lot of different doctrines and they tend to fluctuate over time, so being a game to play for the long term, if you don’t like what you are flying now but like the Alliance you are in, wait a couple of years and you’ll probably be flying something different.


Most alliances I’ve been in allow you to fly anything you want outside of official Ops.

Doctrines mainly allow FCs to know what their capabilities are going to be versus specific hostile fleets.
Just be willing to dock and change ships to a specific doctrine when needed, if possible.

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The problem is not that ships are badly balanced but that you think you have to listen to other people what to fly. If you don’t like that then don’t do it, that is hardly a problem of the game itself.

It’s the game itself that is poorly balanced not the spaceships…

If you go to null sec and you dont make a kill within first 10 systems, then better go back home cuz people in local will tell everybody what you are flying and what way are u moving!
Now it’s only up to killboard whores to come and OP the shh out of your solo roaming boat…
Trust me, they dont give u a chance!

There is some solo\small gang pvp left in eve but but 95% of the times they come and kill u with no risk involved.

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10 years ago, the doctrines required you to use an Amarr BS in wars. The Arty-Abadon was populair then. Loved that ship! For “Laserlovers” there were the Geddon fleets.
Sorry, but you arrived too late OP :stuck_out_tongue:

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Every time I’ve gone to null I’ve regretted it. Maybe try join a corp that isn’t a boring meat grinder. Null is overrated. A place you might like to visit on occasion (When something is actually happening) but not stay.


Hello and welcome to Eve. I completely agree with you. Eve is so incredibly badly balanced, but not in the way you’ve described.

It favours those who are in big alliances and have a monopoly on numbers as well as players who have been in the game the longest, rather than solo beginners. Yeah - there are exceptions, but these are all based on exploits rather than common knowledge or anything useful.

Eve, as it stands, is about resourcefulness and survival, in a game where it is too easy to get bored of the grind, the repetition, and the lack of instant pvp, co-op gameplay etc that you can find in other games. And don’t talk about the loss factor, that is like a big slap in the face after all its other failings.

But we still love Eve. Why? That is the MAIN question…

Is it because it’s an open-world set in space? Maybe
Is it because of the fun and friendly community? Maybe
Is it because of something else? Maybe

But you have a point - Eve is not perfect, and I appreciate your thread.

We should embrace these flaws and player complaints and not shun them.


I totally feel the same way.

childish players, which I believe makes up a large % of the eve population.

Thrasher hehe

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war need to be more expensiv, it is not logical a corp can wardec 60 alliance and block the game of thousand people

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