This game is F***ED. I care about new players A LOT

I’m tired of losing ships in this f***ed game and especially of seeing the same happen to new players. I’m VERY concerned about new players. They’re quitting the game in droves to never return again because they lose their ships. Why the ■■■■ does CCP even allow this to happen in a spaceship shooting game like this?

I don’t want to know how to properly pick, fit, fly the ships, and use the tools at my disposal. If I wanted to know I would have posted asking for advice about those things in the first place, which obviously I’m not doing. I prefer to whine instead, so anyone telling me how I could do things differently will be considered a troll for posting off-topic nonsense here. This thread is about whining, not about learning what the game is about or how to properly play it, keep that in mind before replying.

Moreover, I don’t want new players to know either because, as I said, I care about new players A LOT. I prefer them to quit, or at the very least to make everybody believe they’re quitting, so I can use them as an excuse to convince CCP that they must make to the game the changes I want and force everyone else to play the game I want EvE to be instead.

Telling new players what EvE is about and how to properly play it would be counterproductive, because then they might even end up liking the game the way it is, which would be bad, very bad. It’s much better to tell them that whenever they lose a ship it’s because the game is broken, full of psychopaths, sociopaths, bullies, jerks and whatnot, and that CCP does nothing about it because they simply don’t care about new players in the first place, only I do.

And while we’re at it, I don’t understand why EVE logs aren’t used as criminal evidence to arrest that kind of people in RL. Everybody that’s as good a psychologist as I am, and knows as much about human nature as I do, knows that anyone that has fun shooting someone else’s ship in a spaceship shooting game has to be a truly bad person in RL and should be arrested and convicted for that very reason alone…


Thread closed for trolling.