Theory Crafting - T2 Capitals

add in t2 caps:

  • remove HAW

  • “Nerf” carriers - make them half as much HP, half as much cost to build, and build times are faster - these become your bridge between subcaps and capitals, they are your dedicatedly anti-subcap platform early on…giving a “faster” platform in capital groups that can perform well against subcaps with the removal of HAW

  • “Nerf” dreads - make them half as much HP, half as much cost to build, and build times faster - these become your bridge between subcaps and capitals, makes them easier to use, easier to build, easier to get into, but they are your dedicated anti-capital - think destroyers - faster than full caps, but stronger than sub caps

  • T2 of each gets the bigger bonus, more hp, more defenses, 3x slower, bulkier and more damaging

  • Motherships make a return - These are NOT the current super carriers - they rely on WAVES of fighters, talking 5-10 a piece, and are able to be utilized as massive moving bases - They are coffin ships once again

  • Titans get a rework - current class is reworked to be the T2 dreads - all about dat damage with the bonus to the addition of DD mechanics - DD only targetable towards other capitals/structures

  • New titan is revealed - Coffin ship once again - But they get massive support and damage bonus eclipsing even the current titans in terms of raw damage output. They are able to do AoE damage in a massive radii (yep bring back dat old DD)- truly the table flip again

Super Carrier and Titan get a rework to reduce MASSIVLY the cost of their production, bringing them back in line with the current statics - no more than 50bil per, with a return of the carrier down to 1bil, the dread down to 1.5bil. With the addition of the new Titan and Mothership return, they become the next highest peak for capitals

  • Current Titans and Super Carriers obtain current Dread and Carrier HP Pool respectively, and ne Titan and Mothership get the HP pool of the current Titan and Super Carrier

  • This makes Carriers/Dreads/T2 variants all engageable by sub caps, and gives a time delay to the creation of the new Titans and Motherships, with time to build up

this will help restart the arms race we had for the original titans…
which will give ALOT of incentive to build again, mine, and get people out there…as well as using a ton of resources to build them - again table flip kinda scenario, but it reinvigorates the capital line up, it gives meaning and a stepping stone between capitals and sub caps, instead of the MASSIVE difference in just raw HP pools that are there currently, allows engagement between sub cap and capitals in more ways that currently, gives another thing to look forward to, and allows the use of specific never used mechanics to enter play in more than just one ship (phenomena generator, DD, etc.)

DD is hardly special anymore as every keep star has them now - its no longer a Titan thing

AND given human history - we would have tried and be able to make a ship nearly as big as a keepstar by now - in game lore at least - so you cant say that the coffin ship idea wouldn’t fly…we WOULD try to mobilize the power of a keepstar


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