New Starship Classes & More

I have some new ideas for ships beyond the Titan and Levels for each including NPCS

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These will only appear in Null-sec


NPC Capital Bounties
Supertitan: 500m-750m
Palace: 1.11b - 2.25b
World Ship: 5b

Combat Anomalies (more info to come) - Features Capital ship waves
Tier 11 - Asylum
Tier 12 - Anchorage
Tier 13 - Fortress

Tier 11 Drone - TBD
Tier 12 Drone - TBD
Tier 13 Drone - TBD

Capital Ship DED Sites
11: Max Dreadnought only
12: Max Carriers, FAX, Supercarriers
13: Max Titans Only

Add gates restricted to your own specific corp/alliance for additional protection, cannot be bubbled

More info to come…

So…we’re talking Galaga here.

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Super Titan: “Titan, your power level is puny. You cannot hope to defeat me. You have lost!”

Titan: smirks “This isn’t even my final form…” Transforms into Palace

Super Titan: look of horror “Your power level. It’s ninety kajillion bazillion! How is that possible!?”

Palace: “You have failed to take into account the ridiculousness of “bad community ideas!” There is no end to the power cap! You have lost!”

Super Titan: “Yes, I see my mistake. However, I to, am not in my final form.” Transforms into World Ship


So, you basically want a way to farm NPC super capitals in perfect safety. No thanks…

Whelp, there goes the economy.

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How about:

NPC Capital bounties
Super Titan: bragging rights
Palace: bragging rights with a ting of smugness
Worldship: smug bragging rights, a limited edition trophy that can promptly be lost in the plethora of junk stashed in God knows how many stations across New Eden and 1 isk.


People told me that region wide buy orders weren’t a good idea. I didn’t listen. I still don’t.

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You could paint them in gold, and sell them as lost civilization artifacts.

New Idea, create those null-sec filaments for capital ships, so capitals can be teleported anywhere

I repeat, we need filaments for capital ships! but restricted to low/null-sec only

What we need are filaments that transport capital ships to random high sec systems.


You know capitals cannot enter high-sec, all though, it would be useful so that they would be safe there

Really? I had no idea…

That would probably explain the total lack of capital ships actually showing up to kill me when the players I gank in high sec threaten to use them against me.

Who would have thunk. I just assumed they were lying about actually owning them.


Rare exceptions occur though…


During the whack-a-bot event

New Idea: If there was a “Star Trek Online” + Star Wars & EVE Online Crossover, (basically a supermassive crossover) would be nuts!

Team Up with the United Federation of Planets and the Rebel Alliance and show that the Empire/First Order that the capsuleers of New Eden are not to be messed with. This also includes the Emerald Chain flagship, “Veridian” (DIS. Season 3) that will take a massive number of players to take down.

More info to come

If there was a crossover with those most people probably would support the Galactic Empire / Borg / Cardassians / Romulans / Dominion / whatever evil organization available to join up with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of that, how about a Red Dwarf crossover event?