More ship models

Dear CCP. I feel it has long been passed time to have more than one ship model for a ship class.
It’s very stale to see the same old ship designs. It’s also a tragic waste of some concept art for ships that could have had some awesome-looking alternative models.

Skins are clearly semi-popular and I would like to see this expanded upon to give each current ship in Eve 2/3 alternative models. Just to give EVE a bit more life and personality.
They could work just like skins or as an alternative with some being rarer than others.
But it’s one thing that Star Citizen seems to be getting right that EVE isnt. More ship variety.
It’s a spaceship game after all.

These could be used as more frequent prizes for events and achievement in some cases… In others just a common variety choice.

Everyone loves when new ships are added to the game. But it presents Balancing issues at this point. So my solution is just to add more ship models. I personally hate the Celestise hull. And would love to fly a looking one.

Or who doesn’t want a more sleek Thanatos?
Or a Dominixthat kinda has Battlestar vibes.
Or a Raven with a more pointy bird nose.

Also, these would kinda be working like advanced skins. you could turn them off for null fleet wars to save performance.

Just a 03 vets opinion of making EVE shiny and new looking again.


Better yet, let indy players design their own ship models. Make player-made blueprints sought-after for their visual style.

Eve isn’t really visually immersive in its lore and universe, because you’re just a ship. Your clone is just a blingy part of your fit.

I would like to see remodels of existing ships but adding a bunch of models for the same ship makes me have to keep looking at my overview to tell me what ship is right next to me: Oh that’s a Charon it looks like a blimp with wheels on it.

We can see a Charon in any number of skin redo’s and still know instantly that is a Charon but an actual remodel, if it gets to the point of skins (and CCP would have a financial reason to make it so) then we will have no idea what ships are without a peek at an overview and that isnt really ideal for a sense of continuity for the game plus it would be a big pain in the butt.

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This would only work if the bounding box was maintained, which could be done but someone is going to make a huge penis, a huge vagina, a ship with huge tits, and every other thing the lowest common denominator concocts, not to mention the racist, sexist, etc jerks that will surely want to put forth their hate garbage. (Also, see the reasons in my previous post)

Well ccp already make you look at the overview to distinguish between a Blacbird and a Falcon sooooo

I like the idea of having a couple of different models for each ship, it gives people a little more choice while not affecting game balance in any way.

I am 100% against any form of player designed ships. Simply because CCP should be able to keep creative control on the fantastic work their artists already do on Eve.

The expense for CCP to have people review each and every design that gets sent in, ugh.

Also as JUSTIFIED ARROGANCE said, people should be able to to recognize a ship by looking at it. Which is not an issue if there are 2 or 3 different versions of each ship… but having 30 or 50 different Charon models, is going to cause issues.
Plus people would be submitting similar designs for different ships in an effort to disguise their ship… imagine regular gank ships that look very similar to harmless mining ships etc.

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