Will it ever happen?

Okey this is just a taste thing but common CCP you have redesigned allot of ships will you ever redesign the others I mean both Moa and Carcal got a sexy redesign same with Nemesis and Hound and Manticore all got some sexy redesign.

So no im asking for redesign of Domenix yeah sure it´s better looking than the old Domenix but it´s still so damn bleeh. Then Malestorm, Scythe, Bellicose. Could all stand to get a sleeker design I sure I may be the only one that care about it but as with all mmo you play for hours you want your armor to look cool/bad ass I mean why do you think games like ESO, WoW, FFXIV has so you can re-skin your end game armor, people still go for the best gear but still want them to look the part. I mean if im gonna spend a few months in a Domenix until I have better skills for another ship it could not hurt if it looked a bit more pleasing.

Look at the Traglavian ships CCP clearly can design some damn cool ships.

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This forum is for EVE.

the Space potato is awesome.


The specific ways you mispelled ship names makes me want to reach through the monitor and do bad things.


Only the stupider wait, not ace pilots like you!

Get into that better ship now don’t wait! Buy a bunch of skill injectors to train into a better ship in minutes not the many months fools will waste the slow way by training skills one by excruciatingly slow one in the skill que.

Then buy a bunch of PLEX (only from CCP website or authorized sellers, don’t support illegal gold sellers) and sell it on the ingame market for the ISK to buy your awesome new ship.

If you really want to win you’ll get good gear. Buy “officer” category modules (the ones with the purple triangle in the corner of their pic) for your new deathmachine!

Enjoy being a winner! o7


be glad I don´t need to spell your damn name ever I would proboly butcher it or just go and call you X. I don´t remember every damn ship name and their spelling, Sure we have simple names like Drake,Raven,Nyx,Rifter that are easy to remember and spell for me. I often forget the Rokh i spelled oh and not ck. But if you are going to be that picky about it, that you want to hurt/do bad things people then seek help. Want to hurt or do bad things over trivial things sounds allot like what a psychopath would do just because then enjoy it.





Dominix: the sexiest and most majestic of designs!


Why don’t you just make some drafts and send them to CCP?

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It’d be cool if there were a way to see your ship in game, these circles and squares and triangles just get tiresome after awhile.


The Dominix, Maelstrom, Scythe are all fine, the Bellicose has always looked weird, but I’ve come to grow fond of its T2 version’s looks.

I should note that I usually only see the ship clearly in the hangar.

I’d be elated if just the Heron/Buzzard got a proper redesign. Those two are nigh impossible to look at.

Some ships’ designs still date back to when the game first released, more than fifteen bloody years ago. An understatement to suggest they are overdue for a makeover.



Looks like Lucas from a slightly different angle.

Do you agree?

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Man, I totally agree with you.
I wanted to make a topic, which would be pretty much a copy of yours.

Look on flycatcher redesign, a new one is just so damn sexy.

Now look on VNI, they just made it “HD enhanced edition” with few animations …

CCP, please tomorrow we hit 2020, and now look on most of your ships and compare it to star citizen ships, elite dangerous ships.
Or look at many other games.
Space engineers, the dual universe, and many other games will have the ability to make your dream ship.
And now we have eve which have ships like dominix, imicus, catalyst, algos, celestis, moros, thanatos, apocalypse, abaddon, archon, aeon,raven, vigil, probe, breacher, burst, talwar, thrasher, bellicose, scythe, cyclone, typhoon, naglfar, every sansha’s nation ship and many many other ships need entire redesign, and many other need minor redesign. For example, Megathron is sexy but look old and clunky.

Eve graphic is nice, to be honest, but soooo many ship models are just “what the hell is that”.
Be braver with ships.
They are the main part of why we log in. Give us sexy ships!
Or at least more spaceships and less potato design.

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I like my dominix skin… with cheese tbh

Yeah I fully agree with you. I mean they have already redesigned bunch of ships so why not do them all. don´t get me started on minmatar yes I know and agree minmatar is like rust buckets or well not top of the line but some of the ships I hate the design of like Malestrom or Tempest. I mean they don´t rely need to redesign them that much just add maybe on what´s there to make them so much better.

I mean look at the new Caldari Badger and Tayra hull redesign man so gorgeous.

Some Minmatar ships absolutely need help. Bellicose model is just… :face_vomiting:

Also Amarr Harbinger and Prophecy… like… it’s a morbidly obese parrot :moonwalkingparrot:


Lets pray they get a redesign soon.