Upgrade Feature

some of you might remember my idea for integrated ship modules" as a way of creating your own style of ship by having subsystems installed on them, i know we’re due something to do with ship attachments in the future based on what was revealed at fanfest.

however i have an interesting idea that is an “upgrade” feature.
the premise is simple, you’ll take any T1 or T2 ship hull from the sub capital range and use the “repair service” to simply “upgrade” it.

the upgrade feature basically turns it into the same ship but its now considered a T3, you can now fit subsystems and tweek your fits accordingly, giving you a bit more wiggle room for fittings unique to your intention, still limiting to ship restrictions aka no guns on an orca or mining lasers, etc. this way you’re using your desired ship hull and it has a little bit more customization to it, the idea of doing it this way would be to make it compatible with the up coming attachments and re-use the ship models, whiling increasing the knowledge and demand for T3 stuff in the game.

bonus, any skins you had for that base model ship you can simply still use.

… you already upgrade t1 into t2.

What your asking for is a balancing nightmare.

Also the only thing related to attachments i can remember was about cosmetics.

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