Give the repair service a use again

so i’ve posted a loosely detailed idea like this before, so this post will be the TLDR version.

allow the repair service in stations to fit the same racial sub systems to ships

Minmitar systems only on Minmitar ships etc.

the subsequent amount of slots will be changed as per the rig.

you must sacrifice 2 open rig slots to install a subsystem.

the subsystem is permenantly installed on that ship.

you put the ship into the repair service, where perhaps a new “modify” button can be placed, or perhaps oepning the industry window where you can simply drag and drop a subsystem.

the bigger the ship the longer it takes.

untill next time folks!


after thought & edit.

perhaps T1 & T2 ships which gain subsystems which cannot be repaired via the tether, however that specific ships shield, armour and hull still can an acception to this would be T3 ships, they can be repaired via tether as per normal. call it the bonus of flying a T3

So after a small stroke I think I was able to read this.

Does he want subsystems to be fitted to ships other than t3 cruisers? Either I read this wrong or he’s trolling no one could be dumb enough to think that’s a valid idea right?


Read it again and still not sure.

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Pretty sure this is exactly what OP wants…

He says that the repair function in citadels does nothing, And that t1 and t2 ships should have subsystems only repaired by that function

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