T3 Fitting Window will still not replace Subsystems

The T3 fitting window will still give an error message when you click the “Fit Ship” button.


Can we just get rid of this whole depressurize nonsense? We are in a capsule so we don’t care if the ship depressurizes or are we still pretending to care about “the crew” that we regularly kill when we blow up ships for fun in PvP?

Thanks in advance

They may only be slaves, but your crew performs vital tasks on board your ship, otherwise why bring them to die in combat with other capsuleers? Without them your modules would surely lose function and efficiency. Especially in a Minmatar vessel where new applications of adhesive fabric and spray on lubricant are constantly required.

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Nothing in this game strikes me as the ships having a crew other than the half-arsed attempt at injecting some lore based on slaves.

Where are all the frozen bodies of the crew when a ship blows up? They all get magically evaporated while your body always survives?

I repair damage with nanites, not the crew.

I am injecting skills and i am learning skills. If we had a crew, i would train them not myself. From were i am sitting in my capsule it looks like i am the one with the skills to run all the systems on the ship and my implants and training enables me to do all these things more efficiently. I don’t see were the crew comes into this.

I am training Caldari defense systems. If there was a crew i would just hire Caldari defense engineers, no need for me to learn the skill and if i learned the skill, no need for me to hire crew for it.

This whole crew nonsense is bollocks and you know it.

The message you are seeing here is purely a nice bit of lore flavor to explain why you can’t have a Tech 3 Cruiser without all its subsystems. Its got nothing to do with the actual human crew :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you explain exactly what you’re trying to do here, or better yet, give me the ID of the bug report you created for this issue?


I believe it pops that error if you’re only changing one or two subs, not all of them. Manually fit the two changed subs and then it shouldnt show that error.

It’s really pretty simple.

Go to the Simulation change nothing. Press “Fit Ship”. ERROR

Go to the Simulation. Change one or more of the subsystems. Press “Fit Ship”. ERROR!

Go to the Simulation. Chane any module. Don’t change any of the sub systems. Press “Fit Ship”. ERROR!

So basically this is not working in any shape or form at all.

Thanks! CCP Karkur will be on the case soon :slight_smile: