Did the T3 Cruiser Update Get You in a Pickle?

As many of you probably know, prior to the release of the July 11th update, CCP advised T3 Cruiser pilots to dock up their strategic cruisers prior to the update due to the proposed changes in the subsystems (going from 5 subsystems down to 4, as well as changing the actual subsystem mods). They also advised that any old mods we had would be transformed into the closest version of the new mod.

This thread is a place for those of us who got caught in a sticky situation because of the update to tell their story. You might not have heeded the advice to dock up, or your mods might have transformed in a way you didn’t expect. Or maybe something else happened? You tell me!

To start us off, here is my story:

I just started flying T3 Strategic Cruisers 2 weeks ago. I should have just waited the two weeks for the update, but I didn’t. Oh well.

I fell in love with my Proteus (Proto) fast! I used it to traverse null space as a cloaky/nullified explorer. I also kept a spare set of parts and a mobile depot with me so I could run the odd combat site when the mood struck me. Combat sites required me to swap out my nullified propulsion subsystem and my covert offensive subsystem for alternative subsystems which are much better suited to killing rats and keeping me alive.

I docked up on July 10th in deep NPC null space (just like CCP said to) and logged off, thinking nothing of it.

When I logged in on July 11th, I found my offensive covert subsystem had been changed to something else (I can’t even remember which one it changed to now, it also doesn’t matter). In fact, the new “covert” subsystem is now a defensive mod. But the defensive mod I had before (gave a boost to armor repair) did not turn itself into one of these new covert subsystems. It turned itself into the new mod that boosts armor repair amount. Also, the whole net change had a huge impact on the amount of CPU my fit had, making it so I could no longer field a ratting Proteus.

So in one fowl swoop, I was now stuck in deep null space (I think about 40 jumps to LS) with a nullified ship that could not rat, could not cloak and had a 5-6 second align time… Fudge.

I had a second Proteus fitted and ready to fly back in Jita. That one I only use for exploration. It had a covert Ops Cloaking device fit to it (which my null space one did not, as I had set it up to rat). When the mod came out, the Proteus in Jita had it’s subsystems updated to the new Covert Ops subsystem. That leaves me to believe if I had only had the covert ops cloak fit to my null sec proteus, I wouldn’t be in this pickle at all.

Pretty lame story. Pretty easy to one up. Let’s hear your story!

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Unfortunately I don’t have a story, other than not even looking at my Loki.

Not really looking forward to realizing how much of a nerf CCP has did to them.


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Hah, that serves your right for solo roaming in forbidden space with your sneaky nully T3C scaring away innocent miners and ratters and make intel channels go wild !

pretty much, they tried to preserve the fitting you had at the time so if you weren’t set up for covert ops before downtime well there was no way to get a covert ops sub. The way they did the conversions was a bit weird. there were a few subs for each ship that well didn’t exist for the most part and prices in jita spiked hard for them, and pretty much everything required to build them so pretty much no one can even make them now, whoever did the buy out has a short run monopoly on that stuff.

sounds like the loki did the best out of all the t3cs, you will lose some of the resists but overall I think you should be pretty good.

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Visual changes are poor and done with little to no care except toward skins draft surface shameful really.

Always had around 10 loki hulls to play with and fitted for various activity.

Wont fly loki any more except if there is no other ship accepted or capable of doing whats need to be done.

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Well, I certainly hope so. The Loki is my go-to ship for exploration and Level 4 Epic Arc’s.


CCP did screw that up, I had covert in cargo and it became hybrid (I don’t understand why a non-fitted mod couldn’t come out as the right type), as did both my old hybrids, so I have 2 worthless hybrids, and I didn’t get the right prop module either, so I had 6-5-5 layout that I didn’t want, so off to highsec to buy 300m of stuff.

About all that I can say was good was being able to retrieve a T2 rig that I wasn’t going to use.

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the problem there is that covert went from an offensive to a defensive sub so you could have a problem where you have two defensive subs and no offensive sub and can’t use your ship. So they only made covert subs where people already had a covert sub and a cloak or something. As such there is a massive shortage of covert ops subs, and someone is making a ■■■■ ton of isk making them right now. There wasn’t one right or wrong way to do it, but in retrospect I’m not a fan of the way it ended up happening.

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I havnt even flown my t3 since the update yet so cant comment atm. No idea how my mission Tengu will run now, and My other toon would normally solo pvp in a t3.Will have to adapt / use another ship / git gud i guess!

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Well, logged in and checked out my Loki.

As expected it was nerfed to the ground and found my usual full set of sub-systems had been replaced with a partial set of sub-systems along with 2 to 3 extra of each type as well.

After selling the extra sub-systems, the market in Rens doesn’t have all of the various sub-systems available so now I have to make a trip to Jita and repurchase the missing sub-systems I had previously owned.

Don’t even want to comment on how many hours or ISK I spent on refitting it.


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Pretty much right there with you. I have lots of T3s, and every one of them needed a massive rebuild. Knew that would happen, at least, so I saved up for months - still went over budget.

They’re nerfed - there’s no doubt about that. At least I expected that too. I’m not entirely dissatisfied, though. What I like to call “usability” has increased substantially - basic everyday balanced functionality. They all remain better than average all around, and the removable rigs are pretty sweet. Means I can deed some of my extra ones to my alts now - didn’t feel like I had “extra ones” before.

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Umm. Everyone realized that the change maps of old to new subsystems were made available before the change, right? It was a slight pain in the ass to reconfigure my old T3s the week prior but I did manage.

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Well, they did say to dock up in a safe location. Deep unfriendly null space is not really a safe location now is it ? But I do sympathize as I have some ships stuck on a station I can’t get to now.

My personal problem with the T3 update is different. I am just grosly disappointed with it. My buddy went caldari and he flies a tengu, whereas I went gallente so I fly proteus. One of the reasons for this whole set of changes was to balance them out and that failed.

The proteus now seems less effective then before, while the tengu not so much, its just as OP as it was before. When I fly around on his toon I have so much more and better, more effective fit options on it its not even funny. I can get grosly more Shield EHP, while having more DPS, while not draining cap (cause missles) while having more PVP utility in a tengu then I can get armor tank + cap + DPS + utility on the proteus. Though I don’t think its necessarily a proteus specific issue as much as armor tank vs shield tank. Yea you can make a shield proteus, but, that’s even more bleh then it was before.

It is very unbalanced, where is this balance they were speaking off in all the dev blogs etc. ?

And I don’t know the other 2 faction T3Cs as neither one of us has had an opportunity to try them out. Wonder how they stack up to it.

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lol - My laser Legion looks like one of those dinosaurs with the neck-flares now:

Good thing I don’t mind the mini-avatar look, I guess. Legion is still kind of *meh, seems.


right, but the way they changed it means there were very few of a few subs, most notably the covert ops sub. and prices are very unstable. Meanwhile I have a whole bunch of extra core subs and looks like there are a ton of old primary weapon subs.

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Short story, I docked my Tengu in Jita, fitted my covert sub, bought and fitted a link subsystem and made 350M selling those two after conversion on patch day. Now I’m waiting for my Loki skills to train and looking for suitable fits of a cloaky hunter.

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I brought all my T3 cruisers to my home station the week before the patch and stripped them. On patch day I repackaged them and now I am slowly rebuilding them one by one as needed.
As I had over fifty assembled cruisers before the patch and another 40 - 60 spare subs, the price fluctuations didn’t affect me at all and I could build any combination I wanted without problems - at least almost, for some reason I had not a single Loki offensive sub for missiles.

Overall, I still have mixed feelings about the results. I am glad, that they are still quite useful, maybe even too useful when it comes to cloaky and active tank variants.
On the other side, I don’t really like active tanking for pvp and that they suffered most when it comes to small gang warfare where reduced buffer and resists and the often worse slot layout than before (like the two mid slot buffer beam Legion) matter the most.

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Well I had been intending to train Proteus, and now they are awful so I’m not. Wish I could get the money for the books I injected but never trained back.

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