Important information for T3 cruiser pilots (possible bug found)

Hello spaceship pilots of New Eden,

There is no need to inform CCP about this, I already sent them a quite detailed bug report last night. But I saw it‘s still doing strange things after downtime and the CCP guys are most likely busy with the forums today. I didn’t find anything already mentioned about this particular topic, so I thought I should post this for your T3 cruiser‘s safety:

Check your fitting window before you undock your T3 cruisers and be sure that all your modules are online!

I found out that if I leave a docked T3 cruiser (not switching to another ship, but to pod), there may be modules going offline and remain offline when I activate the ship again. So far I only saw this happening with Legion and Tengu, and in all cases they were fit with missile launchers of various types. Proteus is not affected as it seems, Loki not tested due to lack of skills.

Most of the offlined modules were missile launchers, but it also happened that mid slot modules went offline. And you won‘t notice an offlined shield extender if you don‘t see your passive modules after undocking. But you may be wondering why your ship exploded…

Please test it, I’m quite sure I’m not such a special person that it only happens to me.

Fly safe,



Added crappy GIF of what’s going on

Don’t post about bugs on the forums, it’s against the rules.