Modules in my ship are sometimes put offline for no apparent reason

It might be a bug but maybe I just don’t accounted for something which would explain it?

It is happening randomly, sometimes yes, something not. This happened to me only with Gnosis with 2 different fits and characters. It seems to happen only when I leave my Gnosis, make another ship active and go back to Gnosis again. Possibly undocking also required - not sure yet.

Anyway, so in Gnosis1 it is always the Expanded Probe Launcher. There it is happening quite often and it is always this module (the excess CPU is very low in the fit I am using probably 1 or 2 points, not sure right now).

In Gnosis2 with another character the modul offline after undocking was twice 50mw quad lif mwd and in second case when this happened it was additionally 2 heavy missile launchers. The excess CPU and PGU on this fit is 39/651 so that shouldn’t be problem.

Both characters are alpha clones and have no CPU/PGU implants. And I am sure the modules were online before I docked.

Is there any logical explanation to this or it is bug?

Have you checked your capacitor in any of your set?
If so, what does the colored text say (that’s on fitting menu)

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