Change in Algos?

This morning modules were offline, before everything is was online but now it seems less power grid and CPU?

I didn’t find a change to the Algos or even a mentioning of the ship in the patchnotes of October and September. That ofc only means I couldn’t find them.

Possible alternatives would be a switch from Omega to Alpha clone or jumping in a clone that doesnt have fitting implants (extra PG and/or CPU) while you need them to put all the modules online.

There is actually an interface issue I’ve been having since the patch about 8-9 days ago, might be related.

Happens about 1 login out of every 8 or 9.

Log in, and my ship HUD and drone window don’t display (if I logged out in space). Character sheet won’t open. Sometimes (not always) can’t launch drones, says “You do not have the ability to control drones”.

If I dock, or relog, I notice all my modules are offline. I have to online them all in fitting window, and sometimes they won’t all online because it says I am out of PG or CPU. If I relog again, it usually fixes it. Sometimes have to relog several times, or wait a while and try again.

Various other odd things happen, won’t go into them here since it may not be your issue. Relogs and/or docking and undocking solves most of them. Ticket filed with CCP but the actual problem source not located yet.

There’s been other odd issues like ships that completely move on their own without any input whatsoever, I literally got to drop a can and “approach” to keep it from flying off the field.

This happened to mee too on one alt.


What is an… Al… gos?

Too busy flying caps. :parrotwave1::parrotwave2::parrotwave3::parrotwave4::parrotwave5::parrotwave6::parrotwave7:

Who needs subcaps in these days right? Caps solves everything.

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Caps are kinda boring in my opinion.

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