Launcher issues / in game issues after server reset

So. i got in game after restart and things are being weird. i got kicked out of the game first of all. dont recall what it said the reason was but something to do with processor already in use or something.
then on attempt to get back in i could not click the char to log in. (when i clicked it it just blinked but wouldn’t log in. i then restarted my PC in the hope it was just that. that did allow me back into the game but now neocom is not working right. for instance i click to open char sheet and it says its open on the neocom but isn’t open at all. strangest part about all this is my alt seems fine.
any suggestions?

now cant dock :confused:

i can only play 1 client at a time because i get blank screens on the other clients so having an omega account to run more than 1 client has stopped.

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