Eve down still

launcher stuck in loading. plan and simple. anyone else having these issues? we would like comp for the time we cant play, its appropriate for us Omega users. love the game, fix this please. thx

Same issue… any fixes for this?

just getting the word out that what they call a fix is not solving the proplem that other like myself are dealing with this issues.

have been able to log in. but not when they announced it on twitter.

Been in game for past hour or two. No issue logging in or any lag playing.

My launcher is not working.

When able to log in game is hanging up.

Lags and does not follow commands.

What is up?

I just put money in this game this week and keep getting this server down crap maybe I should not have paid money I think its my fault lol


for the past 10 hours, I get “Socket Closed” error when I try to log in…
I have refreshed, flushed, fixed, reinstalled everything…

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