[119.7] Tech 3 changes and more now live on the Test Server


(CCP Lebowski) #1

Greetings Intrepid Capsuleers,

Team Five 0 have some more changes coming to you in our next release. We’d highly appreciate it if anyone interested in the changes please go try them out on our test server Singularity, let us know what you think and submit bug reports for any problems that occur.

Strategic Cruisers

Strategic Cruisers have recieved multiple changes including a reduction in subsystems and a balance pass. The basics of these changes are summarized in this dev blog, further discussion can be found here. More information on near final stats and bonuses will be posted soon, check back here for a link.

  • All existing Strategic Cruisers have been converted to the (hopefully) best/least inconvenient possible new configuration. An equivalent 5th subsystem will be placed in the ships cargohold.
    Note: Numbers of slots may have changed, modules may be offline and cargoholds may be overloaded. We remind all capsuleers to move any strategic cruisers to a safe place on patch day to avoid any issues.
  • Strategic Cruisers can now unfit rigs without destroying them.
  • Strategic Cruisers now have a dedicated subsystem bay.

Current Known Issues:

  • Bonuses and stats are not implemented/final in some cases.
  • Blueprints for updated subsystems are not completed.

Upwell Structures

Further backend work on corp offices has been completed, bringing them more in line with the way their counterparts in stations function behind the scenes. Functionally this should have limited effect to users, other than the following

  • The contents of a Corp office in an Upwell Structure will now become impounded when the office is removed. The impounded items can be retrieved by re-renting an office in the same location, or moving the items into asset safety if available.

EDIT (23rd June) - My colleague CCP The Funk has responded below to concerns surrounding the visuals of Strategic Cruisers after this patch.

Happy testing!

CCP Lebowski for Team Five

(MuraSaki Siki) #2

the icons of Loki and Proteus are awful, the original are much better


Despite reducing the subsystem no.s why dun keep the iconic model of Immobility drivers of Loki??

(May'n Nome) #3

May I also ask what was the logic of adding the Drone bonuses to an Assault Subsystem on the Legion? I told that to some of my corp mates and we are Wormholers…the laughter was down right evil at the idea.

(Arrendis) #4

I get the logic behind converting the covert offensive subsystem on my Loki to a covert defensive subsystem… but what’s the logic behind converting the logstics defensive subsystem into a projectile scoping offensive subsystem?

(Rain6637) #5

Holy crap my scout / cyno / probing / entosis Tengu just got better

The support processor subsystem looks like both the logi and command booster subsystems in one? That’s awesome too


and the non-destructive rigs lol now I don’t need three different Tengus for a character

Yooo this is really cool

(CCP Lebowski) #7

The conversion isn’t always going to get you the best combination I’m afraid, but hopefully the one least likely to get your ship into trouble before you get a chance to re-fit. We expect that most pilots will need to change their fittings after the patch, there’s just not a good way to avoid this sadly!

(Arrendis) #8

Yeah, but shouldn’t there be a script or something to say ‘if you had X, you still have X’? I mean, given that the WH loot doesn’t seem to have been seeded ahead of time in the June patch, all production on these things is going to come to a crashing halt, so it kind of matters to have as much of the functionality of the current subs preserved, no?

And, just to provide as much information as possible:

Old subs:
[Loki, The Love Bug]
Loki Electronics - Tactical Targeting Network
Loki Defensive - Adaptive Shielding
Loki Engineering - Capacitor Regeneration Matrix
Loki Offensive - Covert Reconfiguration
Loki Propulsion - Interdiction Nullifier

New Subs:
[Loki, The Love Bug]
Loki Core - Augmented Nuclear Reactor
Loki Defensive - Covert Reconfiguration
Loki Offensive - Projectile Scoping Array
Loki Propulsion - Interdiction Nullifier

As you can see, the nullification is retained, and the core subsystem (replacing the engineering and electronics subs) converts to the cap/pg subsystem. The Offensive Covert subsystem flips over to the Defensive Covert system, which makes perfect sense, but the Defensive remote repair subsystem…

Since one of the consolidations of the subsystems is that RR and Command Burst subs (both currently Defensive) are moving to a single Offensive subsystem, wouldn’t it make sense for the script to check for those as well as the Covert (moving from O to D)?

As it is, a ship that has no offensive capabilities and a 6/6/3 slot layout now has a purely DPS offensive subsystem and a slot layout of 8/3/5.

OTOH, checking my fit did let me find where I put the Thukker LSEs for my Scimitar, so thanks :slight_smile:

(CCP The Funk) #10

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback for the changes to icons for the Loki and Proteus. When we were making decisions about which subsystem models to take into the next release we decided to go for the subsystems that appeared to be the most visually distinct from each other, but with the possibility of changing that based on your reactions. We wanted to let you know that we’ve discussed some of these points internally and decided to make a couple of changes based on this feedback.

• The Proteus’ front subsystem 3D model that appears in the icon will remain as it is currently on Tranquility, the model that you are more familiar with.
• The Loki front subsystem 3D model is being changed and so will the subsequent icon for the Loki.

These changes are being made now and should be available for you to check out on Singularity early next week.

(CCP Lebowski) #11

Thanks for the information! So generally, we’ve focused on the safety of the ship above all other concerns, so cloaking subsystems are always the highest prioritized.

In your case it seems like with the Cloak sub moving to the defensive slot, a default Offensive module was chosen to complete the setup, which I agree isn’t ideal for your specific use case before the patch. However while this is inconvenient, we have no plans at this time to make changes to the transition process at this time.

While this transition is necessary for the health of Strategic Cruisers (both from a technical upkeep and quality standpoint, and for their in universe balancing), we understand that it will be at least somewhat disruptive on Patch day for all pilots who use then. We remind everyone to do their best to be in a safe place when this occurs.

(Arrendis) #12

Does that mean a different conversion algorithm is being used for fitted subsystems vs unfitted ones? I’m just thinking that if that’s the case, people will want to make sure their boosting and logistics subs are in their hangar on patch day, not on the ship, just in case.

(CCP Lebowski) #13

That’s correct. Modules that are unfitted though will go through a straight conversion, more details will be in the patch notes.

(May'n Nome) #14

This is probably why I am going to wait till Patch day to get into a T3C. Trained up for the Legion and Tengu…you do realize that Cloaky, NOS-ing, Dual Armor Rep, HAM-Drone Legions are going to dominate WH space right?

(CCP Lebowski) #15

Top Tip: As the stats become final on Singularity in the next couple of weeks you can use the fitting simulator there to theorycraft a bad ass fit for yourself :slight_smile:

(Jaret Victorian) #16

If you’re still undecided on the looks, it would be super awesome if you’d change the look of the new Tengu’s Core subsystem - Electronic Efficiency Gate.

Objectively, I understand why it is in use - now Tengu will have 3 easily discernable styles - round, flat and oblique (probably has to do with the amount of hardpoints and highslots EEG now adds too). The thing is though, the new EEG sub looks extremely out of place - it’s a round lump on an otherwise blocky ship. Knowing firsthand how explorers tend to zoom in on their ships (unlike in pvp), I think changing it to another, more cool looking model would be really good, if it’s possible. Or at least swapping them with another of the ones that stay.

(Rain6637) #17

I would normally think it was too aggressive to entice players to fly T3 cruisers with something like The Agency. But especially after these changes, the T3 skills and ships are versatile enough to commit the SP. As a primary reason for jumping out of Alpha, I mean. I hope the T3 Cruiser is treated as an Omega account winner. They are a lot of fun.

(May'n Nome) #18

I would like to add again how are we to do live testing of the fits on Sisi if T3C items are not seeded to the market?

Edit: Also it seems we can’t do any fitting as I am being told for a Tengu I can’t fit the Tengu Subsystems…

(Arrendis) #19

The subs don’t need to be seeded for the fitting simulator.

(May'n Nome) #20

Well they aren’t working in the Fitting Simulator for me. Keep getting told it can’t go on that hull…and it was a Tengu Subsystem on a Tengu. :confounded:

(Deidra Hedion) #21

Simulator is not working for T3. (tested Tengu)

Please remove the experience loss when getting destroyed. It’s completely unnecessary and only annoying. No other ship makes you lose experience.

(Do Little) #22

I was test driving the new Legion, looking for something to shoot for the Agency, and noticed that my active modules - specifically reactive armor hardener and missile guidance computer kept running when I jumped. On TQ, active modules shut off when you jump. Is this a bug or an unannounced feature!?

Really like the Legion and had no problem building the ship with the simulator.