Sub systems on Strategic Cruisers in the fitting Window

So I have poured over the threads for a number of months now trying to find anything related to this subject and have found zero discussions centered around this subject in particular if there is I have not found it so please bare with me and do not hate on this thread.

For the longest time now we have had T3 Strategic Cruisers in play and while they have evolved and changed for the better in every way to even include rig’s being removable now we still do not have the ability to fit the sub system modules in the fitting window.

The current methods of doing this are tedious and lengthy to say the least plus you do not see the immediate benefits of the modules until after you drag and drop from an info window into the fitting window like we have with every other module in the game. I understand CCP has its hands full with a huge number of things in the Eve verse but this one little quality of life item would make a huge factor for the use of this ship and will help a huge number of pilots who fly this specific level of ship. I fell it could even increase the number of T3 Strategic cruises in solo ops more cause of the flexibility the fitting window saved fits will give them.

Again if this has been put forward to CCP I apologize for bringing it up again but was unable to find a thread on this subject.

Best regards to CCP
Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter
Sinn Adraelia

So I just found out that sub systems are in the fitting window but they are located in a not so easily found location. I would then change my initial post to add this please CCP add a button like the rig, high slot, mid slot or low slot buttons so we can more easily find the subsystems in the fitting window.

Under the current design the window buttons can not be selected in the above mentioned slots to even see the sub systems at all. A button next to them would greatly make finding them in the sub systems more available and easier to make fits.

Again thank you for your time I apologize for not finding this sooner.
As always CCP best regards
Thank you for your Time
Sinn Adraelia

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