A more manageable fitting menu

I’m pretty new to eve so getting used to certain aspects is not as ingrained in me yet and i bump into a few not perse problem but things that could be more streamlines and clearer at a glance.

I joined a corp and in their bulletin i can find the fits they use for certain operations which is nice.But why can’t we have tabs in the fitting menu for personal and corporation fittings. That would be great to have pve/pvp/special ops tabs for fits. If your used to it it’s not a problem but i don’t know pvp ships so i would have to check all frigate destroyer cruiser tabs because i don’t know what class ship like a vexor is. If it’s more organize and pvp fits are with other pvp fits it would be a lot clearer.

You do have personal and corp fittings tabs

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Yea i do know that but it’s still cluttered, worded it badly i see. The personal and corp tabs should have extra subtabs in them to show pve/pve/special ops something like that. I rather have a bit more order.What you do now is name things for their purpose which feels like a bad solution.

Well they order it by ship type. You can rename the ships in the menu iirc for labeling.

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