QoL Changes Needed

It’s time to give us nested folders instead of station containers to organize our stuff. Also:

  • I should be able to point the fitting tool at a folder for a ship rather than having to use the main item hangar to refit a ship back and forth when it is multi-purpose.

  • No hangar should have a number of items cap on it at this point. That limit was put in place a long time ago. I should be able to store 27000 things in the item hangar if you want me to use filters instead of folders.

  • The fitting tool needs an overhaul. The UI is horrible. One tab to choose a hull, and it won’t filter out the ones I don’t have fits for. Another tab for modules. Another for charges, and then an entirely different tab to use things I own but only in the item hangar. WTF is that UI? No OS designer would put that in there today.

What else?

There is a thread for these if you want them to be captured more easily by the developers: Little things / Small QoL suggestions

You sure about that? Every app, every program I use has tabs, folders, sub folders and other organisational features to compartmentalize information, features and work spaces. It would make no sense at all to have ships, fittings, module selection and personalization in one single tab. This would make the entire UI completely useless due to clutter, lack of clarity, lack of space.

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