Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Hi all,

We feel like it’s time for a new Little Things thread, a place where you can post your suggestions for little quality of life changes. As we mostly work on the UI, UI or other client suggestions would be most relevant.

To make it easier to read and process, please post your suggestions in the following format:

Suggestion: Ability to see volume in Multibuy
Keywords: ui, multibuy, market
Note: Useful buying stuff to ship somewhere else

When I’m buying stuff from Jita with Multibuy and need to ship it somewhere else, it would be very useful to know how much space the order takes up so I know if it fits in my 60k m3 hauler.

Please keep the suggestion short, to the point and only 1 sentence. Please only 1 suggestion in each post.
Keywords and note are optional, but please not more than one line.
Feel free to elaborate in as much detail you want below the line

Happy posting!

  • CCP karkur and CCP Punkturis

Please please stick to the format suggested otherwise you run the risk of your suggestion being missed.
I do read the posts here, and then every now and then I use magic to make a bullet point list of the suggestions, and that relies on the format.
So even if I’ve read your post, I don’t have the best memory so I might forget about it if it doesn’t make that list.

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Suggestion: Display empty moons as a result in the window, rather then giving a warning popup
Keywords: UI, Survey, Probing, Moons
Note: limited in how many people it affects but only a small change

Currently when a Survey Probe returns an empty result from a moon we are given a warning popup stating “nothing of interest was found at [Planet number]-[Moon number]”. Whereas if something is found it is added to a scan results window.
The issue this creates is that it’s easy sometimes to miss scanning one moon and mistakenly presume that it must have been empty and that we just simply closed the popup reflexively.
If an empty moon simply got it’s own entry in results consisting of a single line (eg. just “empty”) it would cost me a lot less undue fidgeting over whether or not I really did probe that one moon.


Suggestion: Ability to warp to where previously aligned
Keywords: ui, warp
Note: stop dying cause you clicked to many things and forgot to what you were aligned

When fighting, let’s say i’m aligning out to a Poco, then i click on numerous oponents (to target them) the mouse selector looses focus on what item i am curently aligned to. In panic mode you have to re-find in the overview somehow to what you asked your ship to align to, making you lose time (and die) or select the wrong item and end up having to realign elsewhere and die because it take x seconds to align and warp out.
Right above the HUD it says “aligned to xxx” it would be nice to just add a right click on it and “warp” or something like that or a right click in that area and “realigned to previously selected item”. Dunno if im making sens, but would be game changer :slight_smile:


Suggestion: Introduce Police SKINS for all of the new Concord ships in the Concord LP Store

Keywords: SKINS, Concord, Pacifier, Enforcer, Marshal

Note: Thematically makes perfect sense - Concord would only have police skins available to pilots helping their cause (incursions, etc.)


Suggestion: Somehow remove the limit of Blueprints that the client can pull from the server
Keywords: ui, industry, blueprints
Note: Industry UI not usable if you own more than 25k Blueprints because BPs wont show up

Now I know that this is a known Issue but better put it on this list so its not forgotten :wink:
The current limit of blueprints that the Industry UI will pull from the Database is set to 25.000 to prevent heavy client and serverside load.
If you happen to own, for example, 50.000 Blueprints then you will not be able to find 50% of the Blueprints if you are using the Industry UI.

This is really killing large scale Industry operations


Suggestion: allow transparency settings for DScan cone in system map
Keywords: UI, Scanning
Note: Would be nice to use it but HELLO SO BRIGHT.


I have found UI management makes this less of an issue how ever that being said I do agree that an option to warp to previously Aligned Object would be a nice feature.

Suggestion: Ability to rename PI launchpads
Keywords: UI, Planetary Interaction
Note: less mess in import/export

easier to figure out where to dump in your materials needing processing to higher grades, currently if you need to drop in materials and don’t have the launchpad ID’s memorized or otherwise noted you have to open the planet view to be sure they’re landing where they need to be.

ack, posted with wrong reply button

Suggestion: Probe UI contrast adjustment
Keywords: UI, Exploration
Note: Visibility issue

The new probe window features a gray background that on low resolution causes the red spheres to dissapear into the haze. Bieng able to adjust the background to a different color (IE:black) or bieng able to increase the intensity of the spheres would be helpful in bieng able to see them.


Suggestion: Ability to see total volume in a station/structure in the assets window.
Keywords: ui, assets
Note: useful to see at a glance the total volume of items in a location so i know which hauler or how many trips its going to take to move it.

Suggestion: Ability to see total volume of resources required to fulfil an industry job.
Keywords: ui, industry
Note: so i can see at a glance how many trips I’m gonna need to take to a citadel to start a job.


Damn, mentioned this in the CSM forum and here you are, ahead of the curve again, Karkur. Thank you for getting it started.



Bounties: Very small ones, on mission completion structures and if possible on any other structures in the pocket that may drop something. Even random trade goods. As a way of identifying them.

Livestock: Volume recalibration. Original prisoners have a volume of 7.5 m3 (are they in a iron gage) with the new one from the NPE only being 1 m3. VIP’s, Homeless and Janitors have 3 m3, marines and militants 2 m3, compared to 1 m3 for Tourists, Scientists and male/female Exotic dancers etc

UI: In the drone window, you can now assign a group as your main and hotkey it, anyway to be able to press that new icon? Like a button that launches that group etc.

In the overview, the Type column, can we get a tooltip if we hover the mouse over something listed please. It’s not the most important column and it seems common to have it quite narrow, this means you can not see the whole description without manually dragging the column to be wider.

Camera: Much more zoom in power, especially when in orbit view and tracking something.

A custom camera position option would be amazing.


Suggestion: tool tip popup that shows the PE, ME and Number of runs on a BPC/O.
Keywords: UI, tooltip
Notes: been screaming for something like this for a while.


Yeh, that would also be cool. I keep my BPO’s/BPC’s in station cans, would be very handy when you view contents if you got a tooltip when you mouse over the blueprint.


Suggestion: simple ability to export lists of items from client in CSV form
Keywords: UI, data
Notes: Not everyone has the ability to use APIs. The ability to export the contents of a hangar, or a container, recursively - or not, or even globally as CSV would be very useful - particularly for owners of large numbers of blueprints.


Suggestion: Ability to close or minimize Selected Item window
Keywords: ui

I find I don’t need the selected item window anymore now that I use the radial menu and keyboard shortcuts, and it keeps coming back between session changes. Is it possible to make the selected item window stay minimized or be closed completely?

Thank you



Advanced Asset Management Tools aka Shared Hangars

Fixing Delivery Service is a must!

by implementing Shared Hangars independent from corporate and personal hangars.

The problem with corporate hangars is people can be excluded from using them, and the matter of fact is, players often use multiple toons, so asset management with current solutions is insufficient and outdated. The trade window is annoying because two toons need to be in the same location at the time of trade, and the Delivery Service is just not enough of an asset management tool, as for contracting it was created as a trading tool, not an asset management tool.

Simple fix: Shared Hangars

  • A player can create/host a Shared Hangar and ADD/REMOVE access to other players. Similar to a mailing list, just with assets.
  • The items stored in the Shared Hangar would be available to everyone who has access to it, in the location the item was stored.
  • The Shared Hangar could be setup as Localized - only in the station it was created, or Global - the shared hangar will appear in every station/citadel to every member with access.
  • The creator of a Shared Hangar could grant roles to other players.
  • The creator could name the hangar
  • The Shared Hangar would include ships and modules
  • Updating capitals with this feature

With this simple solution managing assets between accounts could stop being a pain, like it’s now. We need it.

PS. And for the love of God, make dragging a player’s name into the Delivery Window possible.


Suggestion: Start probe window in “Pinpoint” mode, or provide a shortcut to change modes
Keywords: probe , exploration
Note: I think people use the Pinpoint mode 95% of the time.


Suggestion: Ability to contract ships that have a container
Keywords: contract , inventory , trade
Note: I like to put a small container in my exploration and hauling ships to hold fittings so I can keep my loot/cargo separate. But this means I can’t remote contract the ship to an alt.