Dev Blog: Little Things Coming In The March Release

There are many, many little things coming with the March Release, including color conded watchlists, new fleet tagging and better color coding of brackets that make identifiying hostiles a lot easier.

Check out the latest Dev Blog from CCP karkur, detailing some of the cool quality of life changes coming on March 20th and looking at some that have been deployed over the last few months.


Also, if you have new suggestions, please post them in this thread: Little things / Small QoL suggestions


Can this topic please be stickied again in that forum? Too many people are not seeing it and post their suggestions all over the place.

yes and done… thanks :slight_smile:


Awesome! :smiley:

The actual blog is really nice. Very good to see little things being taken on again.

45343 => ≈ 45.3 thousand
25000 => 25.0 thousand
9999000 => ≈ 10.0 million
15545640000 => ≈ 15.5 billion

With regards to the numbers. Is it at all possible to add thousand separators automatically while you type? It has been a common request over the years. Things like the Windows calculator can do that. Would be very nice if we could have that in the numbers fields as well. The tool tips are already a very big help, though.


That is a LOT of little things.

Well done and many thanks.


We are adding an option in the ‘Compare tool’ that will allow you to filter the Attributes list so it only displays those attributes whose values are not the same for all the items you are comparing.

well that’s awesome!

The right click options that have been categorized as potentially especially destructive will now have a red ! in front of them. Among other things, we hope this helps to make it easier to differentiate between ‘Reprocess’ and ‘Repackage’.

Also sounds super useful. Gotta assume people have been asking for something here probably a decade, sounds like a simple change

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The Logi changes are super useful, as a occasional logi pilot I always get lost in the watchlist. Once my FC died because we were told to keep the Hyena alive, and I put the Hyena on top … it lived, meanwhile …

Comma separators while typing would be awesome! Before I confirm anything ISK related, to ensure I’m not in error or being overcharged/scammed, I always tab away from the field so that the commas appear and I can count the sets of 3 numbers right to left, “Hundreds, thousands, millions, billions.”


I do the same. :laughing: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, like a waltz.

That’s one of the issues because German and many other languages use a dot, French uses a space. But it’s something localization can easily solve.

OMG thank you so much!! You are the best!!

Please fix UI issue EBR-132778

It’s the cause of much rage when # of citadels in system > 5 or so and its why titans jump instead of bridge :3

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Any update to the Project Discovery rewards? I noticed the Marshal is in the 500 slot on SISI.

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Mixed feelings about this…

It‘s now possible to copy the ‘Fitting and Content’ section of Kill Reports.

As a fitting thief, I love grabbing a great fit. But for those that spent hours or days fitting a ship perfectly, I don’t love it. So torn on this issue. David Matterall actually said it “make fits unavailable on kill reports and zkillboard” before I did and made me start thinking.

If it must be there, why can’t we see the attackers fits too? Make it fair or remove it completely.

Loving all the updates so far.

One thing I’d really like to see considering the new color coding and red ! etc is an expansion of the color choices - since the new color blind mode has been added, I think you’ve misse da trick where your current color choices for overview colortags/backgrounds, mail labels and other things are far too.
(Please see image) EVE%20Color%20Blind%20Palette%20Difference

I also disagree with the choice to lock the UI colour scheme for alpha players because of this subject.

Also, is it possible to increase the height (increase the size) of the drone and watchlist health bars? On higher resolution [2560x1440+) they are very small and when there’s a lot of stuff going on, hard to see.

Happy to discuss these kind of issues in the proper place if someone could show me where that would be.

Overall though, the color blind feature has been a godsend (and i’m not exagerrating I used to find probing and PI utterly unplayable) and the updates so far have been damn good.

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How about a command that will show the number of days for Epic Arc missions to reset.


Little Things are best things!

That’s what she said. :slightly_smiling_face:

@CCP: Any chance to get the possibility to group smartbombs?

honestly, which logi pilot feels yellowboxed by their own logi? CCP, once again, fixing literally non-existent problems.