Devblog: February Release - More Little Things!


Take a look at this devblog for more information on a whole host of little thing that are coming to EVE Online with the February release!

Read thet full details of what’s coming here!


Good to see that the little things thread has had some options taken from it an implemented, even if you did get most of it from eve vegas. Disappointed that some (ok, things I personally thought) useful things didn’t make it, perhaps next time.

Too much emphasis on skins though I feel.

Insert enthusiasm here.

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Removed a few off topic replies, lets keep on the topic of the blog please everyone :slight_smile: :heart:


All great ideas, still wish we’d get our customized skins, and be able to reprocess more than 1 item at a time.

Not sure I’m following- you can reprocess multiple items in one go if you want. Select them all, right-click on the selected items, and choose “Reprocess”. When the window is open you can also drag additional items into the Reprocessing window if you need to pull things from other places.

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I know that, but individually, I can select only one at a time to remove them. That’s what I meant to say. Make it easier to remove items that are deemed “too expensive” to reprocess.

Nice addition of the jobs slots in use for industry. A simple yet helpful addition.


Ah! I get you- thanks for the clarification, and that would indeed be nice.

The way I deal with that is to have a Station Container for all my reprocessing, then use the “Valuable Item” filter to double-check it’s worth. But, I do agree that it would be really nice to be able to see the value as well as the potential reprocessed outcome.


A big thanks to the dev team for working on and adding these things. The little things can really add up, and I sincerely appreciate the teams taking the player input and working on the “little things”.

Much appreciated!




“The new chat system introduced last year has a much higher character limit, so we were happy to finally be able to include modules in cargo hold in the saved fits.”

So is this your way of telling us there won’t be an update to the chat issues you mentioned before, you did promise us an update at the end of january, which never arrived, and considering one of the possible results was a rollback of the chat system it seems a bit pointless to add features when you haven’t even confirmed that the new chat system is actually here to stay

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The industry window change, I love you guys <3

At the round table I remember you saying you were going to look at attaching it the hover on the industry icon itself. I’m good either way, I assume that route had a few complications.

Not a massive, game changing patch, but some very nice QOL changes for sure. Thanks again!

Finally! Some good karkur team work again again. :slight_smile:

So sad, though, that so much work went into skins.

When can we finally have proper CTRL Back/Del back? When are you going to move dynamic content tabs away from static content tabs in Show Info? So many more important things than skins.

This “new feature” is in fact a slight change to an old feature (which the Small Things changes tend to be), delivered in September long before the announcement about the possible chat system rollback.

some nice changes, thanks.

Great job! thanks guys.
Those “little things” are really a big improvement! :slight_smile:

Thanks for this CCP team.

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Any chance you will let us see system structures grouped by type in the system information window?

Right, but the change that is coming in the NEXT patch, RELIES on the chat system NOT being rolled back, as if it IS rolled back this new “small things” change will fail to function

The change you are whining about was added last September. It’s already in the game.