Devblog: February Release - More Little Things!


(Jennifer Austin) #25

I absolutely love it I may have to get to space Truckin now

(Claire -42a) #26

Where is the dev team responsible for failing logins… There was Isk to be made yesterday, last night, this morning, this noon…

(Cypherous) #27

Errrr not sure if you’re trolling or just dumb at this point, yes the chat system was changed, however the change to allow modules in cargo to be added to fits is being added in the NEXT patch, but, that feature will now rely on them NOT rolling back the chat system, because the older chat system will NOT allow that feature to work when linking fits due to the fit being truncated because the older chat system does NOT allow messages long enough to support it, hence they are adding a new feature they may very well be entirely removing if they opt to rollback the chat system to the old system we had before

I’m not sure i can make this any more easy for you to understand

(Peter Yurgin) #28

Anyway to change this little thing so the structure name doesn’t cover the structure health?

(Oreb Wing) #29

Can you please add the parameter, [Pilot has a security standing above zero] to the background and icon lists inside the Overview options? Please and thank you.

(Jerry Falcone) #30

@Peter_Yurgin @Oreb_Wing
Those would be better suited to be posted in the small changes thread and not here.

(Oreb Wing) #31

Ah, you’re right. I thought this was it. Will do.

(R4d1o4ct1v3) #32

Holy crap dude. How dense can you be. - THAT FEATURE IS ALREADY IN THE GAME! Try it, if your reading comprehension is too low for you to get this.

The last part of the article describes THINGS ALREADY DEPLOYED IN SEPTEMBER, including the ability to add modules to the cargo of saved fits.


(Arrendis) #33

It’s being expanded, though. Right now, you run into a truncation. That’s getting fixed.

(R4d1o4ct1v3) #34

Really? Nice. That wasn’t mention in the article tho.

(Cypherous) #35

Doesn’t change that a rollback of the chat system will disable that feature

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #36

I think like the Mobile Depot, cannot be saved in a fitting… But will be able to after the next patch.

(Jian Mira) #38

Can we have different backgrounds when you dock your ship at a station…

There should be more variety of backgrounds in the stations…

(CCP karkur) #39

There seems to be a little bit of confusion about this.
In the old chat system, the character limit was around 250, and simple fits could get truncated when they were shared. Therefore we didn’t want to add the modules in there, because then fits would more frequently become truncated.
Then last spring, the new chat system was introduced, with a much higher character limit. In September we added the ability to include modules in the fits, since it would become less likely that fits would become truncated in chat links. Fits with a lot of stuff in them can still get truncated in chat, but the threshold on it is much higher.
The latter half of the devblog covers things that we added last September but had not written a devblog on.

Tbh, I don’t think we allow Mobile Depots to be saved in the fits, but that is something we have discussed and might add later.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #40

Anything that is not actually fittable on the ship like cargo container or mobile depot can be fitted on the ship… and thats got a lot of peoples panties bunched up.

I think the current set up is ok. that way anything that is saved in the cargo fit, is only what can be fitted physically or used on the ship, IE charges, boosters, drones etc.

(Luscius Uta) #41

How can someone get 15 possible manufacturing jobs? I thought the maximum is 11.

Also, now when there aren’t multiple assignments for mining drones, will the default “F” shortcut work with mining drones?

(CCP karkur) #42

Oops… that’s because my character has all the skills, and there is one very old unpublished skill that has never been used (and never will be) that gives the extra 5 slots.

Yes, that was added a year ago, see this devblog.

(Arrendis) #43

Minor note, @CCP_Falcon, from the patch notes:

  • Male and Femal Guristas Caps can now be sold on market.

(Jezs) #44

While moving them to their own group is in theory straight forward, what complicates matters is that a lot of you have custom Overview Profiles that do not include the new group. Without special preparation the Cynosural Fields would therefore not appear on your Overview after the change.

Why not just have it inherit the state of the group they were in previously?

(Commander A9) #45

I’m not a fan of the Consolidated Items and Ships system…It’s alot easier for me to click Items OR Ships when I dock, instead of opening an Inventory box, realizing I left it selected on Ships, when I wanted Items…so that means more clicks to do the same thing now…