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Is there any chance we could get a sound or audio queue when one of our chat channels highlights some text ?, for example one of my channel highlights is my own name, another would be XXX or WWW for people calling for help, having them highlight helps but having an audio play would be so much better.

this could be simply playing an audio file the user selects for that channel from their own collection, so in terms of ide you would add a Path to audio file text box in the channel options and just let the user fill it in with what ever audio they want to use.

This would let people have different audio beeps for different channels, for example in fleet I might have a highlight on the word WWW and I might have this play the audio file “Woop Woop It’s the sound of da police!” or If I’m boring I might just have it play a ping sound.

i think the idea is to post on the little ideas thread rather than create your own.

@Giddy_McFee I agree that nobody should try to create a new “little ideas” thread when an official one already exists… but this is hardly a little idea, so really @takeda_Salvage should RENAME THIS TOPIC to be relevant to this specific proposal.

@takeda_Salvage your suggestion is way too complicated, not quick to implement by any measure, and would spam audio like crazy. It also tries to expand EVE into a more full fledged communications platform, which it does not pretend nor intends to be. EVE communications are intended to be basic and should remain that way - in fact, this is why they removed EVE Voice years ago instead of repair the numerous issues it has had with its reliability since its inception. If you want something with bells and whistles and woop-woops, you should use a dedicated highly-configurable comm system like TS or something. If you want, many of them have overlays you can apply to the game (CCP explicitly says this is acceptable), but otherwise you can just alt-tab (make sure you have the game running in windowed mode, which you can maximize) or have it displayed on a second monitor.

CCP would never consider implementing this due to how long it would take to implement, how complicated the UI/UX would be, how annoying it would be, how redundant it would be with superior comm platforms that most players are already using, and how underutilized it would be.

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