What can I hear AUdibly?

Hi ALl,

As I try to get into playing EVE online with a screen reader, I find myself wondering what items I might be able to set up audio alerts for? Even something as simple as a “chat notification,” or a way to hear when a message comes in on a particular channel, would be great. I don’t have a big community to connect with now, but hope to work on changing that. Even better would be a way to have text-to-speech read the chat messages, but that seems a bit harder without developer help.

I’ve currently got ship alerts supposedly set up, but the couple times I’ve been blown up I can’t say I’ve noticed any particular noise. are they only supposed to sound if your ship actually survives more than one hit?

Maybe a sort of “locking tone,” to indicate that I’ve been locked up by somebody would be a good idea. I’m just speculating and wondering what kinds of things might either exist already or be fairly easy to implement.

Thanks for any thoughts. :slight_smile:

I tell you straight away, even you have 4 eyes and they all see molecular level, you still could be instantly locked and the first warning sound there is, is “your ship being attacked” after that you can close all your 4 eyes and enjoy your favorite music!

EvE is very hard to play as solo player, specially PvP.
Try to find people to communicate with!
Sometimes I just login to talk to my EvE friends and after that I’m off!

+1 for incoming chat notifications.
(Should be relatively easy implementation)

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More then one - yes. There are four different sound effects concerning your ships general condition.
They should sound different too. There are three for low shield, armor and also hull. I think you can adjust the percentage at what it shall be played. Default for shield is something like 25%.
And there is a sound effect for low capacitor.

In low- and high-sec, there are also sounds when a (limited) engagement timer with another player gets triggered. It should play right after the usual short „beep“ sound that tells you something is shooting at you.

There might be more, but when it comes to chat, I think the only thing a new message does currently is make the title of the tab it came blink. If the chat window isn’t already selected.

BTW: I think it’s a super cool project to start and go play Eve „without a screen“. Inspiring.

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