Sound Design - Decloaking

IDK what dev had the idea to make the decloak sound like my 90s internet connection establishing with the standard AOL-Modem.

He deserves a bonus paycheck.

That is all. Thanks.

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I like it too.


Best with sound turned up max level.

Yes, this is one of the instances where the sound design is very good. Unlike the useless killmail gong or the other recent introduced then removed sound (I forgot what it was), this sound is great, only plays when you need to hear it, is unmistakable and very distinctive.

You’re missing out.

If I play with sounds off it’s like playing half blind. No awareness when my scans hit a target, no awareness when ships target me and now no awareness that my ship got decloaked.

Playing with sounds off is an option, but I prefer them on. As a bonus, the EVE music is decent.

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There is a solution to that, you see this large thing?

Well, you take those round holes in the upper part of your face and you point them at it

Mindblowing i know

If it works for you that’s fine!

I just like the extras that the sound effects do for awareness.

P.S.: Nice Marshal.

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Sound queues are very useful for solo or small gang pvpers or people who do solo or small gang PVE stuff in “scary” space.

Eve has sound? :wink:

I cant remember the last yr I turned it on. Now I have to hear this! :sunglasses:

I second that. Playing with sound off removes you from immersion. I guess to some people EVE isn’t a world all it’s on, it’s just a vulgar game to collect stuff, pew-pew and create pixels.
I like to think of EVE as a universe I can lose myself in, not just a bunch of binary data.

But I cant hear netflix with all the alarms sounding! :laughing:

And I can’t hear EVE with all that Netflix noise :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It gave me a chuckle to realize I had been pvp’ing with the sound off. Not a good idea but I seem to have gotten away with it. Since I hardly play anymore, the sound means less and unless I need to guard a gate or wh, it just makes it easier to hear the fc.

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I do reduce the volume on music and world sounds when I fleet up, I agree, it does interfere with hearing the FC.

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A Kalaxon that can be heard in the living room above the sound effects of even a Sci Fi move would be better… :roll_eyes:

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