Feature request: Audiable alarm to announce new ships on grid!


If in lowsec or below alarm to play on each new ship on the grid and into client overview.

If in high sec, on each war target on grid or as soon as someone turns suspect.

Alarm can be disabled from a button on the ship status.

Long range sensors should update status automatically proportional to range. Remove having to manually click scan. At min range update frequency should be e.g. double that of grid overview.

How is the overview updated? Pushed from server or on some periodic cycle of server ticks?


Or just pay attention when a ganker warps on grid with you.


hey @Desaan

1.: there is a subforum for that stuff:

2.: you just keep D-Scanning and watch local + overview … like anyone else


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Aura will instruct new players that it’s a good idea to solo SLEEPERS at the very start of the game but when it comes to actually being useful she comes up short sorry.


Oh yeah. Also ask for the feature that would pull in your drones and warp off to safety.
And the for the one that would farm all anoms in the system you are in.

No. Just no. You either pay attention to the game you are playing or lose ships. AFK mining and ratting already did hurt EVE economy bad enough and now you are asking CCP to add an in-game tool for this.


While we are at it lets have it auto warp you off as well so you can carry on watching netflix…


You know you can make new tabs and filter the overview right?

So you can make a tab that for example only shows non-blues who are not in fleet for or a tab that only shows war targets or suspects or some combination of what you want. So really what you want is in game already just visual not audible. I suggest fixing your overview to solve your perceived problem.

Wait a sec…who asked for autowarp off functionality? Please stay on topic.

There are audiable alarms on cap, shield, armour and hull.

This is a UI improvement to use sound to draw your attention to an important fact about the status of your overview. There is no problem here…the game needs to reduce stress by asking you to pay visual attention to far too many things.

I was on topic. You want an audible alarm when a ship lands on grid so you dont have to look at your screen. I suggested an autowarp to make it even easier for you.

Tell you what, i will support your audible alarm if they get rid of local. Bit of give and take, eh?

Passive d-scan is better option. with alarm they need nothing else.

I might be visually impaired dude. In fact i wear glasses and the overview is not always in my focus of vision. ARE YOU SAYING PEOPLE WHO WEAR GLASSES SHOULD NOT PLAY EVE?

No you just said that not me. But here we go someone says something you dont like and suddenly you spout crap. Well done

An afk pilot could easily setup an alarm with bott technology, if that was the purpose of my request. I recognise what you are saying but by the same argument we dont need fire alarms…or in eve we dont need cap empty alarms. Just pay attention yeah.

Exactly…Pay attention. You said it. Pay attention to the game you are playing and not to Netfilx.

Anyway done with this back and forth with you. just another ‘Make Eve Easier’ thread, bye


Don’t be daft.

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If you really only came here to insult people. At least do it in one post.

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Wow, wherever you show up its only to expunge intellectually voidless hot breath from your mouth… \o/

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Coming from you that’s quite ironic.

He’s right. ■■■■ off.