Audio Alerts

As a former USAF Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO), I’d like to see different audio tones play in response to different threat activity. One tone could sound upon being yellow boxed as a tracking indicator, and a different tone could sound for being red boxed as a launch indication.

We already have a number of tones that sound for different events, such as a tone for the notification feed, for example. I’d like to see this extended this to other things as well, such as a warning tone for warping out while drones are deployed.

For people who don’t want to hear a variety of beeps and squeaks all the time, the feature could be configured in the audio section of the control panel. Once a player has trained their ear, however, sound indications are very useful, and more likely to be noticed than visual indications that could easily go unnoticed.


One serious problem is that as far as I can surmise, CCP does not want to assist AFK players just as much as they can avoid it.

In the real world getting targetted is of course cause for an audio alert. But for the game it becomes a means for AFK players to know when to run back to their keyboard.


The thing is, all these things a presented to you visually on the screen, so unless you are not at the screen :scream: then the information is already there for you. A lot of players will not support something that supports AFK playstyles for obvious reasons.

Can you clarify one thing tho…

Does this warning tone also stop you warping out? because simply playing a sound as you click warp when your drones are still out isn’t going to help much…

Unless its [Sad Trombone] sound, then its hilariously awesome and something I can really support!!!

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And maybe ADD an audio alert if the cloak deactivates.


Yeah, wasn’t there a guy with sight problems that was recently talking about difficulty in seeing if his cloak was active?

Anyway, this might benefit less attentive players, but CCP is already taking steps to move away from low attention gameplay, and it would also increase accessibility for those with poor eyesight.

+1 from me.


I want my ship to sigh satisfactorily everitime I settle into her.



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If you are AFK in a combat zone, you deserve to die. Besides, you’d only have to wait moments before you got the audio indication of ordinance hitting your ship, so I don’t think the a Yellow Box/ Red Box alert will provide that much of an assist, but it would add more realism and tension. Multiple missile launch alerts should serve to trigger an adrenaline response.

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“The thing is, all these things a presented to you visually on the screen, so unless you are not at the screen :scream: then the information is already there for you.”

Unless you happen to be looking at the Overview, you might miss it.

As mentioned above, I really don’t see this as an AFK issue, since the delay between getting red boxed, or even yellow boxed is not that long before actually being fired upon.

The suggestion also serves to suggest different tactics for the attacker. In actual air combat for which I trained, it was common to delay locking onto a target as long as possible so as to not provide any warning of an impending missile attack.

It’s the adversary you don’t know is there who will gun your brains out.

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+1 from me. i can see this being helpfull to people with sight isues

Audio Alert I want: Drone destroyed :speaker::sound::loud_sound:

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I think if someone playing EVE has sight issues, this feature would take them from a -100 point effectiveness to a -99. But you aren’t wrong!

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