Add an Alert-system for drones

Aeuron was sitting in his ship reading a great book, writing of the old days before we arrived in New Eden, while also listening to a industrial podcast from the Hyasyoda company.

Slinging an eye on his drone mining operation once or twice on every page. All looked fine. But he knew at anytime the pirates would arrive on his scans and he had to retract his drones, to then launch his offensive drones, Hobgoblins. Freshly imported from a manufacturing in the near region.

Though from a recent experience Aeuron was a bit paranoid and causious, a psychopath who lives only to cause chaos around him, had yet again create another clone of himself, under a new alias.
Snuck up oppon Aeuron’s operation recently, only to destroy his precious mining drones. For reason unknown to Aeuron.
Perhaps he was just angry over the success of Aeuron’s mining enterprise?
Or maybe he just really hated mining drones.

So while Aeuron was thinking of this matter, he read a page in the book. Describing how machine operators in the passed, many many years ago, had warnings and alerts, telling them when their machines was in danger or was not operating correctly.

Hmm… Aeuron asked himself, why is there no such function on my operation? I have this on all my other functions on my ship. I get a warning on my scans if someone targets me, or launches missiles towards my ship. So I then can respond propertionally. Also my capacitor gives of a warning if I’m running low.

But why isn’t there a warning or telling me if someone is fiddling with my drones? I think I am onto something big here, perhaps an idea that I could research more into and eventually come up with a integrated system that alerts me when someone is actually trying to cause harm, or if my drones starts to malfunction. It would be reasonable if I could apply the same system my ship has, to my drones. So that my drones would work the same way, machines did many years ago…

I suggest an idea with this, that there should be a drone alert if someone targets and/or attacks my drones.

Yes I know, there will be a lot of people saying herpaderp afk miner, but if someone was truely afk. a visual queue or a sound wouldn’t make much of a difference. Cause they’d loose the drones in a second. But for me, who is a inatentive player, as I only play eve to relax and enjoy some creativity in the game. I find a need for such a realistic function.

Please let me know what you think?

People already told you what they thought in the last thread. This is too abusable and would provide an endpoint to make botting even safer for AFKers.

I changed the area of the topic, cause this is where it belongs.

That’s just your opinion, and if we look at the other thread. I have shot down every single one who couldn’t come up with something better than “herpderp bot”.

And it doesn’t make it safer for someone who is AFK, if people are AFK it doesn’t matter, they’ll loose drones anyways. Same goes for botters.

And I find it “too abusable” That someone could just target my drones with me not even knowing about it, to then destroy them.

There is a ‘visual queue’, if you look at your screen, you will see the offender land on grid with you and start shooting at your drones. its pretty easy to see.

Aeuron is also trying to make a new thread after his idea from yesterday was shot down by the community.

Please don’t spam your ideas into multiple threads. You’re just gonna get the same response. This is a dumb idea, and if you’re paying attention, you have more than enough UI elements alerting you.

I was not shut down by the community, as I registered, I counterargued every case and by the silence from those arguers agains’t the case. I see it as a victory as they can not make a single compelling argument why it should not exist. Only complaints about how bad I am not to do this or that.
Insted I have had some good respons on the matter.

I haven’t spammed it. But made a new post in the right place for discussion.

Just cause you personally don’t like an idea and cried tears out about it. Doesn’t mean community of thousands of people agree with you.

Good luck, kiddo. You’ll need it if you think whining a bit louder is “counterarguing”.

Thank you, it’s hilarious to see yet another person turning to childish behaviour and insult. Insted of actually comming up with something substantially.

Please motivate what I have done is whining and not arguementing.

I start to understand this concept of “bittervets” digging a grave for the game.

No that’s not a visual queue for my drones beeing attacked. A visual queue would be like when someone targets you, and there’s a blinking square around the aggressor in the overview.

Closed due to multiple threads on the same topic.