Dislike the new "You are warping away from your drones" alert!

I don’t like it personally, they (players) should have to learn the hard way like I did ha ha. I guess it’s not really a HUGE deal, but one of my favorite activities in game is hunting down abandoned drones and selling them. So long to that gameplay.


–im ready to hear why i am wrong now lol,


You arent wrong, but it still doesnt seem to have stopped that many folk from forgetting their drones, at least up my way.


The only counterpoint I have is that the game doesn’t explain drone mechanics at all anyway, so letting players know that drones do not auto-recall is a good for the NPE by reducing new player frustration with ‘yet another thing this game doesn’t explain and then penalizes me for not knowing’

I’m not sure there is a good middle ground implementation that could help new players without hand-holding vets. And I would generally rather help new players get an enjoyable start, even if it means vets get an option for more handholding. Same reason I am OK with the existence of the % over/under market alerts, and warnings about undocking while at war.


I’m still wondering if they ever remove the distribution mission changes which warn you when you undock without cargo.
That was one hell of an unnecessary change only serving those who need to be protected from the fact that they’re forgetful or dumb.

On some levels, I think this is a fair point. I’ve lost my fair share in my time too and I do also collect them up where I find them. I’m slightly more altruistic* though because I tend to give them away to newbies (unless they’re particularly valuable, eg: Ice Mining II drones).

Having said this, I do find frequently that I press the return to drone bay shortcut and the buggers fail to respond. I’m not sure whether this is a lag issue or something about the platform when it runs on a Mac but the message is kinda handy in this regard.

*For what it’s worth there is no aimed criticism within this comment @Tak_Goden, I think selling them is also fine.


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Dumb and forgetful players are still players whose retention and enjoyment of the game matter. These are QoL changes that hurt no one, do not obstruct the UI/UX, they don’t disenfranchise or reduce the relative value of gameplay for other players, and they enhance the gameplay experience for all players, even for those who aren’t dumb/forgetful in general but on rare occasion find they made a slip-up. “I didn’t have this when I learned the game so they shouldn’t have it either” is not a valid justification for conscientiously refusing to improve the game.


It still warns you. Some of those missions give you hours to complete, plenty of time to sidetrack, move somethings, change fit… the warnings are nice though for players like me. Sometimes I undock meaning to have a few things in cargo only to find out I’m running empty :joy_cat:

The warnings are protecting you from realizing that you make mistakes.
They’re not just for “players like you”, they’re for everyone.

It’s one of those things thanks to which virtually everyone turns a little bit dumber and more careless.

Oh, btw…

Stop posting …
… and play the game instead. :stuck_out_tongue:


Completely fair and reasonable points IMHO.


Please don’t go. The drones need you. They look up to you.

Does it say that ?

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You could combat scan them and get back to them, not a big deal.

I can see why they implemented this change, but almost nothing equals the motivation to improve your scanning speed and accuracy than trying to find the pair of Geckos you left behind at a site before they become adopted by another caring player.



I agree, warning people they might have lost stuff :smiley:

Looks as if I might have to find another profession, hunting poor lost Faction, T2 or Mining drones was always a good sideline while exploring. In the last 2 months this was my haul in Geckos alone :slight_smile:


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Careless maybe… Dumber, speak for yourself :joy:

I can do both since I don’t have the game on full screen :yum: But I can’t be logged into EVE as much as I’d like to. Good thing the skills still run while we’re offline.

Oh, give me a break. I knew that my first day in EVE.


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Personally I prefer the old school harsh version of EVE where lessons are rammed into your cranial through loss and failure, on the other hand I don’t see this change as hand holding or a sign of wowification really but more a quality of life thing. I don’t mind it either way.


Not everyone is as privileged so as to have such a fine ass intellect as yourself, Princess. Pity the fool!

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Yeah, picked up a few batches of faction drones myself since roll out. Thank you to the generous provider, btw, I’m making good use of them.

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I’m pretty sure you can turn the message off if you don’t want it. Don’t yell at me if I’m wrong though.

Usually if I am warping away from my drones it is because I want to get out of a PVP engagement and don’t want to wait for my drones to come back. The drone loss is not a concern compared to my ship/pod. If this alert can be turned off I likely will turn it off.