Left Behind Drones

The 3rd high slot on my ship apparently can’t be used to hold a weapon but I want 2 mining lasers active. So I got a drone to protect me from the NPCs. That worked great until one time I warped away and left it behind. And this happened 6 more times. The game warns me if I’m about to do something that would make me a criminal, is there a setting to warn me that I ordered my ship to warp before recalling the drone?

Position your drone window so it is always visible to you and it should warn you in such a case:

Maybe move to a more prevalent position if you have it always visible but still miss it.

Though the best is to develop it to be a habit to always recall drones before warp or at least check your drones, it is how you best avoid the issue altogether and can be very useful in the future if you start using more expensive mining and/or combat drones.

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Maybe move to a more prevalent position if you have it always visible but still miss it.

Wait the window warns you? Maybe I had it minimized. I never saw this warning

I don’t know why I would ever minimize the drone window though…

After finishing any pocket and before initiating warp, always hit shift-r and ctrl-r on keyboard, so your drones return and you reload ammo. Get used to it. And if you are super cautious hit ctrl-b for a bookmark, so you can return and recollect your lost drones (or do some salvaging).
And don’t worry, T1-Drones are cheap, all of us have left some in deadspace in our early years - that’s why this warning sign was introduces some months ago.

Yeah, how about a blinking Red Dot /s

FFS stop trying to dumb down my Game just to justify your utter Ignorance

I think he was breaking the quote as that line was from my post. Btw just in case it is not entirely clear: what I’ve meant is he can move his drone window to a more prevalent location where it catches his eye more thus can avoid the issue better.

Yeah i don’t know why the quote thing did that.

No no no - not good enough. The edges of the screen should flash red at least.

upon iminent destruction of ship

An unskippable dialogue box that prevents interaction with the rest of the GUI should be fine. :slight_smile:

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Well I found out the warning doesn’t help if for some reason it was off, although I think it really ought to be on by default.

Using shortcuts is a great way to organise yourself to make sure that you don’t forget drones (although in truth when we were newbies we all forgot drones [probably] multiple times, it’s just part of the learning curve).

I use thing like < cmd + r > to make the drones return and dock up. This way you just have to get in the habit of making some keystrokes before warping and you’ll be sorted.


You can probably make some isk collecting the drones left behind by all the other forgetful capsuleers. They a quite common. Right click on abandoned drones and you get 2 options, scoop to drone bay and scoop to cargo hold.

At the very least you can replace the ones you lost and if you’re lucky you can find a gecko, augmented or faction drones.

Is this legal? I never tried (if I tried and it was illegal it would have warned me since safeties were on). I’ve seen people warping off while I was mining leaving behind drones 10 times. 3 times it was a medium drone like me. 7 times it was mining drones. 7 of those times was in the same system Dantan. 3 of those times it was a fellow from the same corp so I mailed “hey, dude you did something stupid like I did. The drones?” And I asked him to thank me in corp chat. Every time I waited 5 minutes, got no reply, and said in corp chat “hey (name) you left your drones in Dantan’s asteroids” and each of the three times the dude came back to the mining spot 15 minutes later.

If it’s legal to take them, I guess I help myself to some replacements.

And if it’s a corp member, I’ll still warn them.

It is not a CONCORD sanctioned activity to scoop drones, when they warp off (or if they do it manually) the drones are disconnected and are abandoned thus anyone can scoop them. They can reconnect to them if they are on the same grid (even after warping back) but until then (even if they warp back but do not reconnect) the drones are left there free to be taken by anyone without any suspect or criminal flags involved.

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Perfectly legal and, at one time, was a fun way to spend some time in profitable activity. With the introduction of the warning sign, far fewer left behind drones and usually T1s at that. Probably have at least a couple billion of ISK in recovered drones in the last year, but the return on effort has definately taken a ding due to the added warning. Course the time you leave a couple of Geckos behind and have to reship and probe them down before they get adopted by someone else also adds some excitement.

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Yay, maybe I can get some replacements.

Lol, I even probe down my forgotten MTUs…

Of course the warning sign only helps for those who turn it on, unlike me who lost my drone 7 times because apparently it was off. I wondered why the warning appeared and wondered if I accidentally minimized. Turns out the warning never appeared becuase it wasn’t set to warn me