Why is there no audible option when leaving drones behind?

I can setup all kind of sound notifications but there is not a sound option for drones. I literally have warp tech, can fly through space near the speed of light… But I cannot make it make a noise when I forget my drones? I could set this tech up with an Iphone 1… Please

PLEASE GIVE US AN OPTION to make a noise when leaving drones behind. You would think that 21,000 years in the future someone could make this happen, this isn’t rocket science literally.

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Because you need to take some responsibility for your own actions (or lack-of) ?


you can combat scan your mtu or your drones. try to get better on it.

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LOL, how often did I forget my T1 drones? And MTUs?
This way I’ve learned how to handle drones and how to combat probe.
And now, 2-3 months ago, they featured the “drones remaining in space” reminder, that’s way more than we used to have.

You don’t want to forget your drones? Before you leave any grid: align, shift + r, CTRL + r, and everything will be fine.

Edit: My bad, it’s “r”, not “f”

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I mean, you could have an audible for everything.

Forgotten your ammo.

Your Overheat is about to kill your modules.

You’ve been target locked.

Etc, etc

But, I think CCP want you to learn how to play the game and use your intelligence a little. We’ve all forgotten our Drones at some point, and usually once you forget ones worth 2 million or more each you don’t do that again. You learn. The hard way.

EVE is kinda famous for being a ‘learn the hard way’ kinda game.

The warning you get now is already way more than most ever had, and already considered a little too ‘hand-holdy’ by some.

You will learn.

:loudspeaker: “You are about to undock which means you might be attacked by other players without your consent, even in hi-sec. Do you want to proceed?” :warning:




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