Safe jump for not to forget drones

I would like a green-red safety setting buttons next to the Drones windows,
that prevents jumps through gates if Drones are still out.
I have lost too many in the Abyss for distraction, so that’s my main focus…
Or initiate jump, after finishing any missions, with your drones out, would prevent you from jumping
away and leave your drones behind.


Perhaps have an auto-recall function, so if you hit warp or jump it aligns you but doesn’t actually jump until your drones have been recalled back into the drone bay

I like this idea. Of course, we already have the “stop and recall drones” feature, so we’re already halfway there. If there was a toggle to prevent warping when drones are out, players would have to manually recall drones, then warp away. With “stop and recall drones,” it gives us that chance to both halt warp and recall the drones with one click.

While I kind of like the idea of a toggle, I’m not sure it would be an improvement on what we’ve got now.

… or just pay the smallest amount of attention?

Eve is very much about you being able to make mistakes.

Though considering you couldn’t even manage to use the appropriate forum section that may be too much of an ask.


Really… I was going to post “Well, just don’t forget them”.


so if the safety is set you cant jump if your drones are out ? hmmmm i like :smiley:


I knew some people would catch that…:grinning:

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Have a safety that you can’t warp if your drones are out, and have the safety turned ON by default for new players. See how many of them get caught out trying to warp away from PvP without realising that they have drones out, and panic when they get stuck.

If the ship is stopped it should not even align or move if the user hits warp and the drones are out :skull_and_crossbones:

Back when I was a new player, sure I lost drones when I forgot them, but there were times I just wanted to get out of trouble and a drone safety would have stopped that.

Now I make sure they are shown in the brackets and I tend to remember them.

Translate: bad idea.

Didnt they add in a pop up warning about it relatively recently?

BRB grabbing lots of webs to make the OP’s drones move so slowly we can kill him :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea of a ship not being able to warp if it has drones out! The NaCL generated from that would be quite entertaining!
+100 idea is great! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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