Drones, Lack of collect them in a averenat situation

I have had situation where I had to jump and my drones were left behind. I know you can write a code that when I click “jump” Does not matter in the code for “Jump” you can create a automatic recall for drones. This is one of may reseason I will not pay to play. I’m ready to play with mining barges and various other ships. How ever the lower alpha drones, naw. not worth the money you all are asking.

Drones are cheap if you go with medium or light.

If you’re worried about losing your drones, create a bookmark or learn to scan. That way you can go back and get them.

Or think of them as ammo - consumables that need to be replaced. It’s a good idea to think of ships that way as well - it shouldn’t hurt too much when you lose one!


The pain you must go through, losing drones.

“im too lazy and forgetful to recall my drones manually, therefore its a bad game”.


“I wanted to jump, but CCP implimented a system where i need to wait for my drones to recall back to my drone bay, and I ended up losing my ship because of it.”



Don’t worry about your drones, the friendly capsuleers of New Eden will scoop them up and take good care of them. :wink:


Normally, you should play without scripts. So in a carreer, you start with T1 Drones (cheap) and leave them quite often until you get used to recall them (shift + f - combined with ctrl + f to reload your weapons).
Sometimes there is no time for a recall, but you have to save your ship immediately, in this case the drones are not the biggest problem.
If you just forget the drones after a completed site, you need a bookmark or a combat scanner. After completing a mission you can return to the spot as long as you didn’t claim the rewards from the agent.

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