Abandoned drones

Any idea why people leave so many drones abandoned in space? In the past few weeks I’ve scanned down a few hundred mill ISK worth of T2 and faction drones; is this just something that non-rich players like me do in their spare time?


Some people drink alcohol and do drugs while playing Eve. Impaired people often forget to recall their drones.

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I think most of the time it’s just that people warp off and forget to recall them. Sometimes it’ll be due to their ship going pop though.

I do it to mark my territory.

Nah you leave drones behind when you had been spooked.

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usually they forget to recall before warping off, and then the anomoly despawns.

Most non-WH folks have jack crap for scan skills, so combat probing them down will be a pain in the ass for them. especially when they have to run back to a trade hub to pick up a ship that can do it.

That said, I’m with you. always worth to check drones on d-scan. People still leave geckos lying around… less so than a year ago, but still happens and it makes good isk for the few minutes of effort to scan them down.

Drone is cheaper than a ship. It’s better to lose drone than a ship. Other than that. People simply forget to recall them.

Set them free back to the wild…

Always recall drones, or they will go Rogue!


@Erkkinnen I don’t use “expensive” drones, so I will abandon a few cheap drones so save a ship worth 1000 times more the value. The other times have been pure accidents forgetting to pull them in and leaving them in deadspace sectors I have cleared.

@Xeux I never consume alcohol while playing, since the drug I take is insulin these days. Because I lost a few from fail to recall, I now have them visible on the overview. My question is; who was the brainchild that set the default general overview NOT to display the drones?

Drones are ammo.

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Drones are free. Most players make them themselves. They dont care about leaving them behind since they have thousands to spare. Unless they are noobs (2010 or newer players)

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